Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attack of the munchkins!

What a fun weekend we have had here! Daughter Erin and son in law Ryan drove up from Oklahoma City with our cutie pie Grandsons. William is 2 and Alexander 4. It is always so much fun having them here, the boys are changing so quickly at these ages and they are a riot!
Lucky for us we had beautiful weather, low 80s and we were able to be outside most of the time. Yesterday we spent the morning at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. We are so lucky to have this wonderful children's park here in Overland Park. Free for all families to enjoy, the 12 acre park was built to preserve the disappearing charm of farm life. They have farm animals to see and pet, a one room school house, dairy farm, pony rides, fishing, and much much more!

The chickens here are really cool, I call them fancy chickens, they are all different colors and have neat "hair-doos". Here's William checking this one out.

Next we are off to feed and pet the baby goats. I can tell you, these goats never seem to get tired of eating. I went in with a handful of goat food, boy oh boy was that a mistake! They were all over me, I left with hoof prints all over my shorts. It was those two big ones on the left!

Here we are in the one room school house. William is ready, he LOVES school! Alex doesn't seem quite as excited. I think that's because he spied his NANA heading towards the front of the class room. Good thing they are too young to be embarrassed by their Nana yet because....

here I am playing TEACHER! I have to admit, I do have tunnel vision. As soon as I saw that desk I just had to hop up in the teachers chair and play pretend school. I NEVER even saw the real teacher, or the rules that said no one should mess with the teachers desk yet alone sit in it. I am soooo embarrassed LOL! Lucky for me the teacher was very nice and didn't make me go sit in the dunce chair or any thing. PHEW. Here's my Alex, right by my side, he must be thinking that Nana sure is in trouble.

This morning Grandpa made his big breakfast send off for the kids. And lickety split off they went. Gee, it sure is way quiet here now. But look what my pumpkin Alex picked for me before he left, flowers for Nana. Other than hugs and kisses it just doesn't get any better than that! Oh gosh, I am getting watery eyes.
Happy Labor Day weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you all are enjoying the peace and quiet. We sure had a wonderful time! Alexander is accumulating recipes to make with you next time and William is still crooning for Papa. Can't wait to see you again! Miss you! Love you!!! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

aww! I loved seeing the pics! I'm so glad you all had so much fun! Too cute! Wish we could come up too! :(

Brian took the day off today, we are taking the boys to Going Bonkers, so stayed tuned for pics tonight! :P

#1 haha

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You look like the perfect teacher!!!!