Tuesday, March 24, 2015

80 degrees with a chance of snow tomorrow lol!

We've kept busy here this funny month of March, with the weather reaching almost 80 degrees one day and snow flurries the next! Hubby and I put the wintry days to good use updating the guest room. New paint, new bed and fixings to make our guests more comfy. This room of course comes complete with your very own kitty if you wish!
During the sunny days Hubby was in his glory golfing and I hit the back patio with my book to soak up some nice vitamin D and catch up on my reading.

March is also Hubbys birthday month, I made all of his favorites for his celebration dinner, plus Texas sheet cake.. not shown. We ate mashed potato casserole leftovers for a week... but it is so yummy!

Finished this new cute snowman pattern. I know many of you are tired of snow now, but this guy is so darn cute you will want him hanging around all winter long! You'll find him on my website under "new Product" at www.cleoandme.com.

I love snowmen! Sadly I didn't get my snowman fix this year because we had so little snow. 

My printer has been whirring away as bunny patterns have been multiplying and hopping out the door. I have a new runner back home after being beautifully quilted by Brenda and so another pattern to write. Lots going on here... keeps us young right? 
Have a happy week.... 
Barbie Jo and Daisy