Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who's got the button?

I have been a pretty boring girl this week. No exciting stories or pictures here, you're looking at real life. The weather has turned cold and rainy, we knew it had to happen eventually, November is almost upon us after all! If you and I had web cams you would find me sitting here at my computer typing away, my fleece throw wrapped around me, cat in my lap, we usually type together for some reason.

Probably not everyone takes a picture of a box of chocolates, but these are not just any box of chocolates. Jerry brought them home for me on his last business trip to Ohio, what a sweetie! They are long gone now but boy oh boy Esther Price, you sure make wonderful chocolates!

My week has mostly been spent either at the computer writing directions for the new penny rug pattern or up in my sewing room. I keep my button stash in this old cookie jar. I have to dump them all out to find the perfect buttons for my project, if they are even in there. There was a time Cleo would come running out of the blue every time she heard me get the button jar out. She used to think it was fun swiping them off the table and then chasing them. Not so any more, either she has lost interest or is just moving up in years, I have a feeling it is more the later. Okay, so I found the buttons I needed.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas up in the sewing room. Fabric and trims are piled up every where, I admit I am not at all neat when I'm creating. But you know how it is when trying to find that perfect shade of green or red, you just start yanking out one piece after another, right? Right? Martha, I need you here to fold up all my fabric, put it back into it's nice little bin all organized by color while we chat.

Lets see, now where is that Red floss? Oh, I see it up in the far left hand corner there.
Patty, my floss basket is out of control. It could use some of your tender loving attention. I'm sure you will give a little screech when you see this picture.

And that bottle of wine, how did it get there right next to my sewing machine. It has no cork, it's empty. Would you believe me if I said it was a prop? Or actually a template or guide for my next project LOL? Really, truly it is, you'll see.... next week!
Maybe you are a neat while you sew, maybe you're a bit messy like me. All I can say is its all about fun, and I am having a blast up in that sewing room creating. Its only fabric after all!
I hope you are stitching up some fun this week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time flies

This week flown by, how is this happening! The old saying "time flies when your busy" must be true. My latest pattern is finished, waiting for a cover, and a name. Now if you feel you have the purrrfect name for it, just chirp up, I'm all ears here. Otherwise Cleo and I will be up all night brainstorming. Don't you just love these cute winter birds? This pattern has 3 projects that stitch up quick just in time for Christmas giving. Pattern features the bird with candle penny rug and includes a pillow and really sweet pincushion/scissor holder (embroidery scissors tuck inside the birdies wing). The pattern will be available on my website next weekend along with the wool felt kit to complete all three projects.

Now it's off to a comfy chair with Cleo to watch the Amazing Race. Have a happy week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A sweet surprise!

My postman delivered a box of goodness to my door today. My birthday is long over, I wasn't expecting any goodies. So what an unexpected surprise this was, gifts from my Polka Dot & Ric Rac Swap secret partner. The swap was hosted by fun loving Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage. Kris from Dandelion Quilts was given my name and made these gorgeous gifts, oh my goodness, I am just floored that she spent so much time sewing these beautiful gifts for me!
She stitched up this amazing purse, isn't the fabric wonderful! Notice the ric rac trim and polka dot accent fabric. Kris really covered all aspects of the swap theme, my photo really does not do justice to how lovely this is!

She also made a co-ordinating tissue and checkbook cover for my purse. Included also were mints, chap stick and thank you notes!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Kris, for your time and generosity, I will truly treasure your gifts for a long. long time!

I was up against a deadline to finish the boys pirate costumes this weekend or walk the plank! They have a Halloween party to attend this coming Sunday and I have to get them in the mail. Yesterday I ran to Joannes to buy fabric for the sashes. The cutting lines were super long, everyone must be finishing costumes. Waiting for my number to be called I found pirate accessories at 60% off, hats, hooks, eye patches and earrings, too, a great find! At the checkout I spied and purchased bags of chocolate gold coins because every pirate needs treasure. Everything was boxed up last night and shipped today, what a relief, the boys can be Pirates and I can get back to my normal sewing projects.
Brrrr it is getting colder, dropping down to low 40s tonight. Time to bundle up!
Have a fabulous week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not your usual turkey weather

We are still enjoying BEAUTIFUL fall weather here in KC, I'll take all I can get because it is October after all and winter comes fast on its heels. I have the kitchen door open to enjoy the fresh air while I cook. Cleo is at her spot with nose pressed up to the screen, squirrels and chipmunks are running rampant, I'm not sure if they are just enjoying the weather also or preparing for winter as their little cheeks are full of something.

I cooked this turkey Monday, I bet you thought that's what I was doing today, but no, we are already getting tired of the leftovers so I made quiche for tonight's dinner. The thing about this turkey though is it came in a cooking bag, I have never done one this way before, It sure was easy! As always when I make a turkey I am reminded of the 1st turkey I cooked, back in the day ladies LOL. Jerry and I were living in Columbus Ohio while he finished up his last semester of school. It was our 1st Thanksgiving, our folks were too far to get to in our car that was on its last legs. So with great expectations we, or I cooked our 1st Thanksgiving meal. Oh how I wished I had paid more attention to how my Mom prepared this meal, you may recall I was the child who had no interest in cooking and all that stuff! I was so clueless and this was before pop up thermometers, cell phones and Internet for advice, it was just me and that turkey! So I cooked it, or so it seemed, and Jerry carved it. That turkey was kinda watery, and Jerry said hey Barb, you left this in he pulled out the neck from one end... and gizzard package from the other LOL, LOL! I had no idea those things came with the turkey, who would ever want a neck and those other things! Live and learn they say, it's true, I never made that mistake again. And many years later I have to admit I have that dinner down to perfection, I'll just never forget the 1st.

I have a new read, "Loving Frank" a story about Frank Lloyd Wright and his mistress, a very big no no back in the very early 1900s. I was interested to learn more about him after visiting one of his houses, "Falling Waters" in Pennsylvania.
Last night was Bunco night, it was great fun as always. A night out with the girls and lots of laughter is always a good thing.
In between reading and cooking I have just about completed my projects for a new pattern, a Christmas penny rug and pin cushion, the colors are yummy! Hope to have a cover photograph this weekend so maybe I'll have something to show off next week.
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Cider Time!

Sunday was another gorgeous day in KC, a perfect day for a drive in the country. Jerry and I hopped on over to Louisburg KS. Jerry loves his apple cider and yesterday was the Cider Fest in Louisburg. As you can see they have a cider mill which you could tour, but I'll tell you, there really isn't much to see inside other than a vat and a cider press.
Tons of apples!

Lots to do here with the kiddies including a corn maze. Now that is something we always wanted to do, and here the opportunity was presented but we passed on it. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to wander around in the corn for hours, a hay romp, now that sounds interesting too, I have to admit I have never done that either!

And what would a festival be without some old time mountain music! Before leaving we wandered through the country store, which was so crowded you really couldn't look at some of the merchandise, but we did get Jerry his cider and a jar of apple butter for my Dad. On the walk back to our car we bought some fresh kettle corn and root beers for the drive home!

Last night I worked on the boys pirate costumes. I had the fabric laid out all over the floor with pattern pinned to cut it all out. I should have shut the door because in comes miss nebby who proceeds to plop down on top of it all and roll around. Next we played don't try to get me off of here because I really like this tissue paper and I'm not leaving. I am on to her ways, I ended up cutting around her and then lured her to her on spot with her own pieces of fabric and pattern tissue. Every bodies happy, Cleo has her stuff and I got mine all cut out and mostly sewn together!

Have a happy week!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The parties over!

Gee whiz, almost another week gone by and here it is October already, can you believe it?!!
Another birthday come and gone, I had such a nice one with many sweet gifts. When this box arrived from my friend Kathy who lives in Buffalo NY I could almost smell it through the pretty wrapping paper. My absolute favorite Sponge candy, she knows me too well! As you can see I couldn't control myself and ate one row of it before I took this picture. Watsons Sponge Candy, I thought I died and went to heaven!
She also included this nifty little bundle, it measures all of about 2 x 4 inches rolled up I would say. Do you know what it is?

Why its a nylon shopping tote! Isn't that a clever idea! Nice and compact to throw in your purse.

Another beautiful week here, blue skies, low 70s during the day and chilling off at night. Fall is definitely here. As nature begins to display its show of color, we become inspired to dress our homes in shades of Autumn. This week I broke out the Halloweenie items. Out came the witches, ghosts and bats, isn't it a fun time of year!

This Halloween bunny is my pride and joy. I have had her for years, she is a Bunnies By The Bay
bunny, I guess they don't make the animals anymore. Isn't she beautiful, this picture just does not do her justice. Her clothing is exquisite; black velvet and orange satin loaded with trims, I really enjoy her seasonal visit.

I have been stitching up a storm this past week. Working on some Christmas projects using wool felt, something fast and pretty for you to make for Holiday gift giving. I do enjoy working with my wool felt, the way your needle glides through the fabric like butter. I can sit at the kitchen table and stitch away while watching Dancing with the Stars, and Cleo, boy oh boy does she love to join in! This nice big box arrived today with my latest wool order from National Nonwovens. I am one of their "Pattern Partners" and use their wonderful product in all my penny rug designs. My poor UPS man though, Ugh he says, what the heck is in here as he carries these big heavy boxes up my very steep drive way.

I thought I would leave you with this picture of cuteness! My sweet little Grandsons Brandon and Aiden sharing a brotherly moment. Now I am sure it is not like this all the time LOL. Their Mommy can surely attest to that! You have to wonder though, do you think twins share a more special bond that non twins? I tend to think they must.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend!