Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gingerbread treats and back to school

A finish this week, my new pattern "Gingerbread Treats" is ready! This runner is fast and fun to make using fusible applique. These no bake cookies will look so cute in your Christmas kitchen.
I used the Christmas Candy line of fabric from Riley Blake, I think it was made just for this runner :)
It's back to school in KC, when I'm out running my errands I see all the school buses rolling by and can't help but think of my little Grandsons.
Twin pumpkins Aiden and Brandon started Kindergarden in Dallas yesterday, wow, what a big day that is!

And last week in OKC William started Kindergarden also and big brother Alex entered 2nd grade.

They all look so happy don't they!
Enjoy your week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Waaaaaa, she's gone!

Oh dear, she's gone :( I woke up this morning and it felt very strange to not have my sister here.
She flew home yesterday. We had a full and busy week which flew by at lightening speed!
Here we are, Me on the left in purple, Sissy wearing pink. We are at the Kansas City Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art. From here we went to the Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art, a huge storm was upon us and we literally blew in through the front doors!
Art viewing was followed by dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on The Plaza... YUMMM!!

Monday and Tuesday we explored the wide variety of shopping available in the area. A stop at Dean & Deluca for afternoon treats and a table outside on a glorious day is heaven! I must say we had our share of dining out this past week. The most interesting was a place my son took us to: "Grinders" located in the heart of KC is a diner which was featured on Food Networks Diners and Dives show. Sis and I felt so hip and cool being there LOL, the food was fun!

Wednesday was Darlenes birthday and we went to the movies and saw "The Help". Cute movie and enjoyed it a lot, pleasantly surprised after reading the book, the casting was excellent.
Thursday was a push day to work on our crazy wool pin cushions. I had ordered these cute kitty scissors for our sewing pleasure, kitty shaped scissors make sewing so much better :)

We worked like demons for a finish and here they are! I went with a Fall theme and Darlene put her kitty "Moses" in a basket of yarn. Darlene loves to knit and her kitty Moses loves to help.

Friday was a bit of everything day, our final day :( We had such a wonderful week and all I can say is if you have a Sister close by you are truly blessed, I will miss her laughter and companionship terribly!

Now moving on to some sewing treats. Last week a shop owner in WA called to order patterns. During our conversation she mentioned a quilt one of her customers had made from my "Annie Loves Christmas" red work pattern. Instead of red work she had adapted the pattern to applique. I was dying to see it and Dorine sent these lovely pictures. The quilt was made by Vera Ohlemacher of WA for Wumpkins Quilt Shop. Thank you for sharing Vera's quilt Dorine!

How absolutely adorable, her work just makes my heart smile :)

All the little details, it looks like she used yarn for her hair, so very very CUTE!!

Reading through my friends posts I see Darlene has finished all the red work blocks for my Annie BOM series. Go check out her quilt progress, so darling Darlene! I am also embarrassed to say I believe she is going to finish before me as I have yet to finish setting my blocks!
This week I received my quilted runner back from Brenda. I am always so excited to see the beautiful quilting she has done, it is the icing on the cake. Today I am sewing the binding on my runner, I'll be writing the pattern this week. YAY, it's a cutie, coming your way soon!
Enjoy your week, happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two More Days!!

Two more days.... until my Sister arrives, I am excited beyond belief!
Now that may seem silly, but I have not seen my Sis in a few years. She lives in New York, I live in Kansas. Our other 3 siblings each live in various states as do our Fathers and children as well. How did we ever get so scattered. It could be a full time job making the rounds to see everyone every year and we do not get to see one another as often as I would like.
Did I say I am EXCITED!!
Darlene is my younger sister, we are 23 months apart. Isn't this picture cute? My Mom sure did know how to bundle us up LOL! Being so close in age we shared a lot growing up, including the same bedroom. During my teen years I sometimes grew tired of having a little sis always under foot, she was EVERYWHERE LOL! For awhile I longed for my own room, I envied my older Sis hers... green eyed envy, the worst kind. Thinking back on it all now I realize how lucky we were, not only did we share the same space, but so much laughter, tears, many stories and our deepest thoughts as well. Other fringe benefits were we liked the same music and wore pretty much the same size which meant a double wardrobe :) She could iron my hair and I could iron hers.

So I am hopping up and down waiting... little Sis arrives on Saturday! I have spent this past week making ready, cleaning and shopping, stocking up on goodies. I will be blog absent next week while we shop, do lunch, sew, talk up a storm and laugh lots!!!!
I did finish my last sewing project, a new table runner pattern coming soon and boy is it ever cute! I mailed it off to Brenda to quilt and will be excited as always to see her finish!
Off to dust LOL!