Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The cupcake fairy arrived!

What a fun Wednesday. It is always fun when you get a package from the postman and its not even your birthday! Yipeeeeeee, look what my swap partner Jana sent me! And in case you are wondering, Jana is my partner for the Cupcake swap hosted by Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage. I would link that for you, but, I don't know how LOL. Now that is a problem, one I hope my daughter can help me out with when she arrives next week. Lots to learn about this blogging stuff! Right now I feel pretty smart just being able to add pictures.

Anyhoo, just look at this darling package. My gifts were all wrapped in this cute cupcake fabric and tied with pretty POLKA DOT ribbon!

Now lookie inside. This pillow Jana made me is cuteness in itself! She also included a yummy book of cupcake recipes and a cupcake display stand to show them off. I am going to have to make up a batch for my little munchkins visit, I am sure they will need as little extra sugar while they are here. AND then there is a cupcake fizzy for a nice relaxing bath which I will enjoy when the munchkins leave. Thank you sooooo much Jana!

And last but not least, Cleo is all excited looking out the window making little chattering noises, must be a nice big fat squirrel or bird near by teasing her. Shes wearing a pretty bow from that pink polka dot ribbon, she loves pink, it's so girlie!
I am so glad you stopped by, have a wonderful week!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it was a good one. You got some good gifties from Jana it looks like. I love that pillow!!! Glad you enjoyed the swap!!