Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A time to reap, a time to sew

May day...may day... where has this month gone! Our month started with a quick road trip over Mothers Day weekend to Dallas to visit with our daughter and the twins. Can you believe they are 10 already! 
Our daughter was born on Mothers Day, how special is that! Even though her birthday fell on Monday this year we were able to have a double celebration. We ate out lots, and when in Texas you sure want some BBQ, and I'll tell you, get yourself right on over to Hard Eight BBQ because their brisket melts in your mouth! See how happy everyone is! They are in a good food coma lol.
Mothers day was girls day! While Grandpa took the boys to see a movie, my daughter took me to a cute little painting studio. Our class was relaxing, our art student instructor was cute and fun, we had a great time together. Afterwards to returned to Grapevine for Gelatos and fudge before heading back to teach her how to knit before the boys came home. Yes, knit 1 pearl 1, I am so excited she wanted to learn how!
Our weekend was over way to fast, Texas thunderstorms and severe weather chased into Oklahoma, where the wind blew us back to Kansas, and Daisy! 

Where it has rained just about every day since! The grass is green, everything is lush and I spend day after day in my sewing room. My cutting table overfloweth. I am now into 30 blocks of The Splendid Sampler quilt.
I am so busy with my own sewing, sometimes I feel I just won't be able to keep up with this. 
But I guess there's always time to fit another block in, they are just so much fun! I enjoy the the worldwide group camaraderie on Instagram and Facebook, sewing has no language barriers.

I am making up little Annie individual kits for my Etsy shop, starting a new wool project and preparing some embroidery for summer road trips. 

And so tomorrow begins another month. Our Oklahoma family is having an engagement party for our Son and his beautiful bride to be. Excited for the get together and so the count down continues.... 5 more months! 
Happy June!