Saturday, January 16, 2016

A little bit of everything!

Christmas came and went so fast as always! This week we are packing up the trimmings for another year. Yes I am a bit behind, we however left them up extra long for......

our Oklahoma Grandsons visit! Our daughter and her family arrived after the holidays. We had a really fun weekend with the boys, and as you can see, some festive food was still to be had for the occasion! 


I completed the work on my special project which I can't tell you about yet. At this point you know as much as I know but in a few weeks we may know more lol! In the mean time I have gone back to working on my kitty quilt blocks. My goal for 2016 is to have a finish with this! Winter is here at last and it's a great time to say all snugly inside and sew, and read. I finished 2 books last week, The Girl On The Train and The Divers Clothes Lie Empty, I enjoyed both.

Today we are getting ready to watch Chiefs football, it's a big deal here in KC right now! I am making hubby his favorite treat, Buffalo chicken wings and I'll tell you after living in Buffalo 13 years I make some wicked good wings! Yum, can't wait!
Actually, it looks like Daisy is ready for dinner also, all she needs is a bib and a plate of food lol!

Have a happy weekend, stay warm and Go Chiefs!