Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Full Steam Ahead!

Full steam ahead, International Quilt Market is only 4 weeks away.. EEEKS!
Not to panic, stay calm and keep plugging away here. I am always reminded how a dear friend used to tell me "you always get it done, you work best under pressure".
I have little stacks of booth items everywhere you look right now, they take over my dining room and kitchen. My stack of quilts is growing, but that is always a lovely sight to me.

Patterns are being written folded and printed.
Booth curtains are being sprayed with fire retardant as well as table skirting and covers. Now that is a job! 20 eight foot curtain panels. I have been taking advantage of the sunny days as they need to be hung outside to do this. Next they will all need pressed, I hate ironing :(
As you can see my curtains are black. Hard to imagine how nice they will look in my booth isn't it, but my bright quilts show off nicely on black. I will also have pink carpet and hot pink table covers to start layering color. A fun black and bright polka dot fabric just arrived for me to sew scrunchies for my pole covers. Basically they are long tubes of fabric to cover the poles which add a nice touch to the bare metal framework that is not covered by curtain panels.

Hubby recently bought me a new light weight vacuum cleaner and a steam floor cleaner. LOL!!
Do you sense a message here? Truly I am very fortunate to have such an understanding Hubby to put up with that it takes to prepare for this show, I'll clean later LOL!
Wishing you all a happy week!