Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cozy kittens

I've been spending too much time watching Sassys kittens over at They are growing right before my eyes and it is amazing having the opportunity to watch them either through video on their Facebook page or live stream on Ustream tv channel. Just look at those sweet faces, how will I ever be able to adopt just one! 

I do have my heart pretty much set on a girl again though. I therefore have a stack of 
girlie fabric just waiting to turn into some very cozy kitten bedding. 
This is probably going to be one spoiled little kitten lol!

And maybe next week my girlfriend and I will spend some time in my sewing room. Winter is not done with us yet here in the Midwest, sewing should be a good way to stay warm and cozy. My girlfriend Kathy is flying in all the way from Buffalo New York, so she is used to cold weather and snow. Am I am so looking forward to her visit, nothing like a friend to chase the winter blues away! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kittens and chocolate!

On chocolate overload after a sweet Valentine weekend. Hubby and I always celebrate Valentines Day at home, cooking a special dinner. We long ago decided in some ways this was more relaxing than going out. The dining room is all decked out. And you may wonder why there are baby kittens hanging from my chandelier. Well... I have been waiting for a litter of kittens to be born. You can view them here at They were born on the 13th and I am on the waiting list to adopt one. I am beyond excited and I will keep you updated as the process moves along!

Back to Valentines Day, I slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon. Making a yummy dessert and......

our favorite dinner! Who doesn't love steak, green beans, potatoes grand mere and a glass of wine by candle light. It was YUMMY!!

With a side of chocolate. I got Hubby the giant size box this year, he said oh my goodness this is way to much chocolate... ha ha... I'm sure someone will help him out with that. 

And now it is time to move right in to spring! My latest design can be found on my website at This bunny is cute as can be! Dressed in his overalls he carries a sack of colored eggs and a bouquet of flowers. Colorful "penny eggs" accent the bottom edge. My model was worked all in yummy shades of wool. 

And now it is time to start our Sunday dinner. Hubby likes spaghetti on Sundays so that is what he shall have. I better hop to it! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Share The Love

A look out my kitchen window this morning... an all too familiar one for many of us I'm sure. We had a foot of snow fall yesterday, our 1st big one this year. The sun is shining today although the temperature is only warming up to 12 degrees and dropping to -5 tonight. My furnace is roaring I'll tell you! 

Valentines Day is fast approaching, next weekend! Such a fun little holiday to chase away the winter doldrums. I don''t decorate much for Valentines Day, but I do love to celebrate by sending cards and treats to those I love. I think it is just as exciting to get a Valentine now as when you were a little kid.
Love makes the world go round right?

This week I finished a little pdf pattern, my 1st in that format. Trying to keep up with technology here. It is available in my Etsy shop now and will make it to my web site soon. Cleo's Treat Mat- fast and fun to whip up fast. My model uses some of that cute Valentine fabric by Deb Strain I showed you several posts ago. This will also be purrfectly cute stitched up in any non seasonable fabric. Awww Cleo... you are forever in my heart. 

Thanks for stopping by, share the love this week! XXX0000