Thursday, July 25, 2013

EEEEK!.... A new design!

The last week of July, hard to believe summer is flying by! 
I have a new design to introduce to you this week.
I love Halloween and this table runner or topper was really fast and fun to make. 
Fusible applique and simple piecing, it goes together quick. EEEK! I just love that kitty in the middle, just want to pat it on the head! 

My next design is off to Brenda to be quilted. Until I get it back I have some free time to think about something new. I may work with some wool felt, or maybe this pretty bundle of flannel. It looks like wool doesn't it! I found this pretty stack in New York while visiting The Pine Grove Quilt Shop in Kenmore, such a nice shop and nice ladies!

I only have a few days left to dream on it though, probably no sewing for me next week. This Sunday we will be picking up our Oklahoma Grandsons and have them here for the week. So excited! Working on a list of to do things with them. 
Have a happy week!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Fun!

Warning... this post is picture and labor intensive. But so was our vacation! Jerry and I were gone 16 days, the most time we have ever spent away from home. Hubby and I drove 1/2 way across the country to visit family and friends in 2 different states. 
Our 1st stop was Pittsburgh Pa, my home town, where we stayed with Jerry's Sister and Hubby 4th of July week. 4th of July morning we started the day off  with breakfast at this neat little country diner.

Julie and I wearing our red white and blue! I have to tell you and interesting fact about the two of us, we both were pregnant at the same time and delivered our boys on the same day!

Our yummy breakfast has arrived. My favorite part is the Italian bread! Pittsburgh has the best Italian bread ever, I could eat a loaf all by my self.

Julies life this year has been filled with babies! Our Niece had twins who we were so excited to meet. Here are 3 months old Ben and Sam. They were just the best babies and adorable as you can see. Here's Hubby enjoying some baby time.

Also present was our cute as can be Great Nephew James, now 2. He was just so funny! James took to Hubby right off the bat but not me. Whenever I said anything to him he gave me the exorcist look LOL! We finally made friends by the end of our stay though and I got a hug and kiss so all is good :)

They kept us busy. The boys golfed. We girls shopped and lunched. We went downtown several times. 
A view of Pittsburgh at night from Mount Washington, a breathtaking view full of sightseers on a beautiful evening.

Hofbrauhaus, German beer hall and garden on the river. Fun downtown spot with a great view.

A very special part of this trip was to visit my Dad who turns 96 this week. He is an amazing man still living on his own. We had dinner out at his favorite place- The Outback. 
Well, we have been coddled and pampered, time to move on before we wear out our welcome. 

Next stop... my Sis in Warsaw New York. 
Me , Sis and my Niece Amber who drove in from New Jersey to see us! Oh, and also Maggie the dog LOL. Spending time with my Sister is always a treat. Once again people just think we want to eat. Lordy, lordy, you should have seen the massive amounts of food Darlene and her Hubby fixed for us! They made sure we had all of our NY favorites and then some! Super nice relaxing visit here, happy to also spend time with our nephew who will be deployed overseas this fall. 

The morning we were leaving Warsaw Darlene and her Hubby took us to a local Amish store/diner for breakfast. What a treat, the best breakfast ever. They also sold a lot of bulk foods such as all these tubs of cake decorating sprinkles (there were rows and rows more on the other side). I could love to shop here for Christmas baking!

Bye bye Sis, time to move on down the road, two more stops to make to see our friends Patty and Kathy and Wink. Patty took us to Art Park to see the Doobie Brothers concert. An open air venue on the Niagara River and a pretty night, who could ask for more, very fun! 

A day spent in Canada at Niagara On The Lake. What a beautiful town, the boys golfed and we girls had lunch and shopped. So lush, pretty and green here, the hydrangeas and flowers were at their peak.

On our way back to Buffalo Wink let Jerry and I out to run take a look at the falls. If you have ever been to the falls you no doubt know this spectacular spot on the Canadian side, right at the edge where you can almost touch the water pouring over. Mesmerizing, scary and beautiful all at the same time.  I hope my video shows up!

A pretty shot of the Maid Of The Mist.

We toured the Darwin Martin complex, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo built in 1905.
Great tour with lots of interesting information and the house is just beyond amazing.

As you can guess, much of this trip leaned towards food. You gotta eat right? After living in Buffalo many years ago we still miss and dream of our favorite foods and that list is longer than your arm! Our wonderful friends and family made sure our dreams were fulfilled.
Teds charcoal broiled hot dogs. 

Roast Beef On Weck, to die for.. my personal favorite!

Duffs Wings!!

And a cod fish fry to name just a few.

So when Jerry and I rolled out of Buffalo heading home, we just looked at each other and said...
I'm never going to eat again LOL!