Monday, August 18, 2008

Marching through August

Well sheesh, its after midnight and I have been trying to download pictures for hours now. Seems like I was having some blogger download issues, but were off and running now.
Hard to believe we are well into the month of August already. The kids are back to school in my neck of the woods and I know there are some pretty happy Mommys out there! And the weather, it has been so perfect here, low 80's, cooling down at night, who could ask for more.
Now that my cupcake swap partner Jana received her goodies I can show you what I made, although this item was not cupcake themed. LOL, who would have guessed it!
It is a sewing needle case or pouch. I just love this fabric with its cute Asian kittens. The kitty in the middle is a pin cushion. It will be available in pattern form in the near future.

The rest of my week will be spent putting patterns to paper. And cleaning. Trying to get my house in order for the kids visit over Labor Day weekend. Ug, I think it will take that long. Would somebody please send in the Merry Maids?!
Have a great week!


jlk said...

Thanks again for the great package! I sent yours yesterday, so it should arrive in the next couple of days.

Good luck cleaning house. I need a live-in maid.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother cleaning! We'll wreck it in 2 seconds! He he he. Love you! I hope you are planning on making me one of those! Sooo cute! We can't wait to come see you!

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