Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

YAY, it's Friday and the beginning of a long weekend, Memorial Day weekend! A weekend to gather with family and friends, a time to honor those who gave their lives for our great country. And today I am so excited and happy, my face is grinning just like this kitty!

We are heading to Oklahoma to visit daughter #2 in OKC. Our son is coming with us, now that is unusual, must not have had a better offer for the weekend LOL. Daughter #1 is driving up from Dallas with her boys, so we are going to have a wonderful little family reunion! Oh and did I mention Grandchildren are involved :) 4 little boys, it's gonna be wild and crazy and such fun, pucker up buttercups, Nana is on her way!

Have a safe and happy weekend. To those who have served and are now serving our county, my flag flies for you, God bless and thank you!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink Friday!

It's Friday and I am loving pink today! First of all more fabric arrived yesterday, darling pink kitties and puppies and more. Pink... so frothy, sweet and girly!

I'll probably spend a little time drawing today. Don't you just love my vintage pencil jar? I do, it makes me smile, and it has a pink sweater on :)

Pink Christmas cookies, thought I would see if you're awake there. I make these every year and no I don't have any left over but I sure wish I did. I could love a sugar cookie right now!

Cleo feels so special and pretty when I let her wear a pretty pink bow for company.
Have a fabulous weekend, I'm off to go buy some pink thread!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Spring!

The Quilt Shoppe Blog has a fun contest to join, Spring Fever Bingo. Check it out, looks like some Spring time fun!
And have a happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A new Annie and tools of the trade

Another wet week here in Kansas and I seem to get lots accomplished when I can't go outside and play. I finished the "June" Annie stitchery block, isn't she sweet! Annie has been berry picking, her apron is full of strawberries and she is excited to maybe make strawberry jam, or a pie :) I have decided to have a little drawing, next Sunday Cleo will draw three names, winners will each receive my new Annie June stitchery pattern card. So if you love to stitch leave a comment below. Boy is this going to be a darling quilt when all 12 designs are finished.

More sewing room spring cleaning this week. My keep pile is much larger than the pitch pile :( I have a box filled with sewing gadgets and tools alone. We all have a favorite tool, one we use all the time, and I'm not talking just rotary cutters but I do wonder how in the world did we ever live with out those! One of my most used tools are templates in all shapes and sizes, especially a circle template. I can not live without it. They make tracing those circles for penny rugs a snap, or critter eyes and berries, I use it a lot!

My second most used template is the oval one, I used it to trace all the eggs in my "Hiding The Eggs" penny rug. When I needed a really large oval shape I've used picture mats, they come in several sizes.

And these here are just not a stack of plates, oh no they're not, it's a stack of large circle templates LOL! My kitchen is full of templates, glasses, bowls, lids and plates in a variety of sizes, they have all been used.

I started sewing together rows of charm squares for my next quilt. What do you think of charm squares? I have a lot of applique work to do next on this project, now that is the fun part to me!

Oh boy, it is getting late, Cleo is sleeping at my feet. It's Monday already, have a happy day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day weekend

My weekend has just started off so great! The mailman brought the fabric I have been waiting for. Already I have the pieces cut and laid out on my table, even sewn the first row, so fun!

Most of the day I have been busy preparing for Mothers Day in Lawrence. Can't go visit your student empty handed. I made a pan of his favorite enchiladas, oatmeal cookies, and grocery shopped to fill his pantry and frig. Boy he is going to be happy to see me :) And I am just so excited to have lunch with my boys tomorrow!

Mothers Day is extra special in our home. Our oldest daughter was born on Mothers Day and this year her birthday falls on Mothers Day!

I thought you would enjoy this picture Melissa, of you and your Grandma Paquin on your 1st birthday, it makes me smile.

While digging through pictures this week I found this drawing you made me. Just look at all those flowers and how about those knee dimples lol! I'll have to send this to you! Wish I could celebrate with both my girls tomorrow, I know they will both have a wonderful day made special by their little families and I'll be seeing you all soon :)

Both Jerry and I will be remembering our Mothers. This is my Mom, a young and newly married wife, how I love seeing her smile today.
Hope your Mothers Day is special, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melissa !! XXXOOOOO Mommy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just goofing off this week

Just goofing off this week, feeling a little guilty I have accomplished so little. I have spent hours pouring over recipes for a healthier lifestyle. Hubby wants me to cook more fish and make more salads, he's on a mission! Sunday we cooked together, cod and salad, a nice light meal. Followed
by strawberry shortcake :)

I had to laugh. Watching hubby dart around the kitchen I caught notice of his shorts pocket, remote controller sticking out, gotta have that remote close by at all times LOL!

Monday I went to Target and bought a new book. I wasn't sure about this choice, the storyline was not one that I would normally choose. I have hardly put it down since and have a few chapters left to go!

Tuesday I had my hair cut and highlighted, you know that is good for an afternoon. Gotta look cute for Mothers Day! I will be laving lunch with my baby in Lawrence, home of KU. Wednesday I shopped for spring clothes, don't want to embarrass the child by showing up in an old cat sweater (of which I have plenty) :)
Today I did tackle some sewing room mess. Weeding through and refolding fabric, setting aside what I don't want to donate to someone who would. And my most treasured piece of fabric surfaced once more. I bought it on eBay 10 years ago. I'll tell you I paid a very pretty penny for it. Vintage novelty and feed sack fabrics were going like wild fire, it was a sellers dream! This piece was in a fast moving bidding war, they bid, I bid, back and forth we bid up to the last second. Then the email from eBay comes.... Cleo, YOU WON!!!!!!........ UH OH Cleo! I do adore this piece though,early 50's, I love the boldness of the print, the colors are amazing and the artwork is a wonderful sample of that time period. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Yet here it sits. Whatever will I do with it. I can't just cut in to it without a really great plan. My kids don't want it. Will they bury me with it, throw it out (gasp) or sell it to someone in a garage sale for 10 cents :( What would you do with it?

Too much to think about, I guess I'll go finish that book!