Monday, August 11, 2008

They make me laugh!

Can you believe it's Monday, again! I was so thrilled to get my cupcake swap partners gifts in the mail today. I was running close to the deadline of the 18th, phew! Done and gone. I can't show you what I made Jana yet, but I will after she gets her gifts and opens them, I sure hope she likes them.
Cleos blogging life is none too exciting this week. I hated to post another picture of my partner (Cleo) not my DH, LOL, lying around the house. So instead I swiped two pictures off my daughters blog. Those of you who visit me via Melissa's Doublestoller blog are familiar with my Texas Twinado munchkins.

You know how kids fight over the same toy, in this case it's the Red Coupe. Their brilliant Mommy decided she would solve this problem by buying a second car. Somehow she didnt get it quite put together yet and tries to convince Aiden it is a convertable.

Of course Aiden isnt buying any of that and it looks like they are back to square one LOL!
I sure do miss my munchkins! XXXs and OOOOOs boys.


Anonymous said...

haha! You are so cute mommyo! They make me laugh too! What is a cupcake fairy! I need one of those! :P

Wish me luck, I am taking the boys to their first dentist appt this morning! Yikes! Call you later! :)

jlk said...

I can't wait to get my stuff! I am waiting on one more thing for you, and then I can send yours off. I will be dangerously close to the 18th...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your swap gift! Those are two cutie pie grandsons you have there, such curly hair!