Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ho Hum Saturday Night

Jerry was a busy guy today, hanging the new valence we found last night. I am very pleased, the colors are really perfect for my kitchen and Cleo thinks those two hanging tassels are pretty cool.
Well, you can tell its a pretty ho hum night when I opened the Penguin Webkinz tag with its secret code which would allow me to log into Webkinz world on-line. I have to admit I've been curious about this craze for some time now. After registering and following the steps to adopt and name the little guy, I could now "play" with him. You get to feed and clothe your pet and keep them happy by playing games with them and tons of other stuff. I couldn't figure out how to feed my little guy, and he is not a happy camper! (They frown when they are sad) and mine is definitely frowning! It was hard, kind of like being a Mommy all over again! My Webkinz curiosity now satisfied, I guess I would rather finish off the night with a little reading! So on that note, off to run a bubble penguins allowed.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Another Friday

A pretty gloomy day brightened by a trip to another local quilt shop today, Harpers Fabric. I think the nice ladies in any shop I visit probably think I am a little weird. I spend so much time looking at EVERY bolt in search of the perfect color palette (for me anyways) for my next design. I know we all have different taste in that matter, and these personal choices are what makes each persons interpretation of the same project so interesting, fun and unique. I found just the right fabrics for my next Spring project! Of course I came home to gloat over it and pat it and take a picture, Jon just passed through muttering you are crazy Mom. He just doesn't get it, but Cleo does and appreciates my beautiful pile of fabric. You know she wants to hop up here and claim it as her own.
Great news on the Texas home front, Brandon is home recovering from his little Tonsillectomy. He did spend last night in the ICU but Mommy said he was ready to rock and roll out of there by 3am after a good nights sleep. How fast the healing powers are for the young, I am sure I would be a cry baby for days if not weeks. And I am out of here, Jerry is taking me out for a bite to eat and shopping for kitchen curtains. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of hanging new curtains and sewing. (As Jon says, whoo hoo, another exciting weekend Mom)!
Hope yours is wonderful!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is the sweetest little vintage packet of needles I have come across. When you open the packet the little sewing scene is actually 3 D. Little girls sewing clothes for their dollies. I can remember doing this with the girls next door. A box of fabric scraps and a little toy sewing machine that worked, it was heaven on a long summer day! I am sewing up a storm today, working on a new spring table runner. Hoping I will get it done before Spring :) Fabric is piled all over my cutting table, trying to find that one elusive shade.
Just back from a blogging break, had to make the post office run before they close! Heard on the radio it is going down to 1 degree minus 0 tonight (that's a temperature, not a singing group.) Oh well, I am sure some of you way up north will snicker, it is winter after all!
I have my little twin grandson Brandon on my mind much of today, he is having his tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow, not even 2 years old, can you imagine! He and his brother were at the hospital for pre-op stuff today, I hear they were given play Dr outfits to practice surgery on each other. Or maybe me next month :(

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brrrrr.... its cold outside!

Oh good grief it is COLD out! Winter is here, single digits coming our way for the weekend. Cleo is so funny. The door leading to the garage was not shut tight this morning. I knew it when I came down stairs and felt the Arctic blast..... and I also knew little nebby would be in the garage wanting to check it out. So I shut the door and grabbed the treat jar figuring I would need to rattle those treats to tempt her out of hiding. She however needed no tempting, as soon as I opened the door in she flew and headed right for her nice warm fleece blanket. Threw dinner in the crockpot, then off to do my daily errands. I had been looking forward to using my Gymboree bucks on the 1st day of their sale before stuff got really picked over. I have 3 little boys with birthdays next month!
And did I tell you I booked my flight to Dallas for the twins 2nd birthday? My daughter from OKC is driving down with her 2 pumpkins also and this will be the 1st time I will have ever been with all 4 boys together. I am excited beyond belief! Back home to a reality check, spending a little cleaning time up in the studioette. Weeded out the bulletin board today. There was a ton more stuff hanging on top, now I can see the bottom layer. Lets see, what remains is a wool felt project I started but stalled out on. An old vendor badge from Quilt Market, Christmas card from Leisure Arts, a Lyle Lovitt concert ticket stub from a 2001 Woodlands Texas show, several loosing Texas Lottery tickets which I purchased just because they had a cat on them. Various pictures of my smiling little family members and my Kansas retailers tax permit is prominately displayed as it is supposed to be. Next are several funny cat cards from friends and several lovely notes received from customers that I treasure. All of this makes me smile, until I gaze at my desk underneath, really, to be honest it can't be missed or perhaps I should say found. Waaaaaah! Beneath the rubble there is a cute Hello Kitty desk lamp and I am sure other treasures will be discovered, as soon as I get to it, maybe tomorrow!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bachlorette Weekend

Are these not the cutest little bluebirds ever?
I have always loved the bright and whimsical style of 5os china and housewares, I think they reflect the happy times of that decade.
My weekend is off to a quiet start, Jerry is duck hunting in Arkansas. It feels very weird here! No one to come bouncing in with a big HI and whats 4 dinner. The TV remote is sitting all by itself untouched, I could actually go and pick it up. I could play a movie if only I knew how to work all 3 controllers plus push the right buttons on the receiver :( And after all that there would probably be no sound anyways! So, in consolation I went to the grocery store and bought all of my and Cleos favorite foods, treats and snacks. I bought a new book, well it has been out a long time but I have not read it yet, The Kite Runner. I also went to Quilters Haven in Olathe to stock up on more fabric. I could spend all day there and also enjoy catching up on sewing news with wonderful owner Debbie Richards. So now, I will be able to eat, sew and read. And tomorrow is Bunco night! Wooo hoo, I love Bunco, especially when I do not have to host. I belong to a really fun group and look forward to catching up on the latest with all. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just another Wednesday

I was going to post this Christmas day picture of my "baby" Jon and his cute girlfriend Carly sooner, somehow it got lost in the picture shuffle of bunnies, grandsons and spaghetti cooking! They are just so cute and lovey dovey, always holding hands, they just bring a smile to my face. (Sorry to embarrass you Jon, I know you won't read my blog though.)
I did finish stitching up my Spring penny rug, the colors are so soft and pretty, Buttercup, Robins Egg Blue and Pinks. This morning I attempted to take pictures for the pattern cover and wouldn't you know, Cleo zooms in out of nowhere and decides she just has to lay down in the midst of it all and roll around. This happens EVERY time. She was upstairs napping, I checked to make sure the coast was clear first. This is turning in to a game for her I guess. Tonight I am working on the more challenging or I should say the not as much fun part....writing directions. Which is why I am taking a break to blog and have a candy bar instead! And what the heck, It's getting late, I am going to call it quits for the night. Go finish the last few chapters of my latest read- The Thirteenth Tale. It's been hard to put down and I'm dying to find out what the big finish will be!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gloomy and Windy

If I were to color January I would color it gray. Following the glitter of Christmas it seems kind of a let down month to me. No fun little holidays to break it up, a down to business type of month. A good thing I suppose, time to recover and pick up those projects we have set aside for awhile. I have spent most of this past week putting away Christmas. Like a suitcase on vacation, it never seems to all fit back together as it once did. Blame it on those neat after Xmas bargains I found, which are now nestled away in tissue paper, waiting to be revealed next year. When Jerry will say, hey, when did you get those? And I will sweetly reply (and it will not be a lie), why those are old Jerry, I've had them a long time! Back in my still disorganized sewing haven, I have begun 2 new projects for Spring. The 1st being a penny rug, here is a little glimpse of the design, I bet you can guess who the tail belongs to. I LOVE working with wool felt. Hand sewing is a nice change of pace. I also set aside a little more time in the winter to read. I am a voracious reader, never enough books in my library. Chocolate and a good book are always the perfect gift for me. Calgon take me away!