Monday, May 18, 2009

He's Back.........!

Remember back in January when I felt a little blue when Jon went back to school? Well what ever was I thinking LOL! Here he is back again for the summer, along with several piles of stuff
scattered from room to room! I can't get near my washing machine, it's been running all weekend and were just finally making a dent! Ah well, laundry aside it is great having our boy home for awhile!

In between loading the washer I spent the afternoon pulling fabric for my next quilt. You may recall the brights I bought in Lawrence when Grandpa was here. I knew they would coordinate purrfectly with this cute kitty fabric.

This seriously CUTE kitty fabric by Michael Miller.

I hope to spend much of the week stitching.
I have to tell you I was really excited yesterday, I was on the Southwest site checking out air fare and lo and behold... summer fun rates are in full swing. I booked a flight to Pittsburgh to see my Daddy in July. He is going to be 92! I will miss his birthday by 2 weeks, but he is hoping I will be able to catch one of his softball games, yes softball! He plays on a Sr league and is the oldest registered member of Senior softball in the USA- you go Dad!
Well I am off to cuddle up with Cleo and watch Dancing With The Stars and then the new Bachlorette. Have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day On The Road

If you read my last post you know Jerry and I drove to Oklahoma City this weekend. Now that is one really boring drive, I35 all the way, 5 hours of non stop interstate. If the wind is blowing in the right direction it gets you there fast. Miles and miles of flat land, brown grass dotted with little scrubby trees. There is one scenic exception, the beautiful Flint Hills in southern Kansas. Grassy meadows as far as the eye can see, little tufts of hills, mesmerizingly beautiful and I always look forward to this part of the drive.

We rolled in our daughters driveway shortly after noon, William was peeking out the window saying "they're here, Nana & Papa are here", I imagined by the look on his excited little face. We spent the afternoon catching up then drove to Okarche Ok for a special treat, dinner at a favorite spot, Eischens. Established in 1896 it claims to be the oldest bar in Oklahoma. We noticed a sign on the door stating they would be closed on Tuesday while filming a Food TV episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. So as you can imagine this is an immensely popular spot and you better get there real early if you are hungry!

Their specialty is none other than........Fried Chicken!

As a matter of fact fried chicken is about all you can order here, besides some awesome fried okra, you wouldn't want anything else, except maybe a pitcher of red beer.

After dinner we went to our son in laws parents where Jerry & I were spending the night.

Cute little William was baptised during the Mothers Day church service. His Mommys only concern was how he might react if he got water in his eyes because he hates getting water in his eyes! She needn't have worried, Father was wonderful and William flew through his baptism like a pro. He was adorable in his little white suit and grinned from ear to ear all day, I think he knew he was pretty special!

After service we had the wonderful brunch Granma Marilyn had prepared. It was so nice to be with all of the family and friends on this special day.
Then it was time to change and hit the road and 5 hours later here we are home again, almost like we had never left!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still kicking!

Well my goodness, you turn around and here it is May already! May in our house is one month that sticks in our minds for several reasons. And while we are under a tornado watch here reason number 1 comes to mind. May is a really big tornado outbreak month here in the Midwest. I don't know why and I don't worry about it because just what are the odds of ever being in an actual tornado. We moved to Edmond Oklahoma in the summer of 85. As our 1st spring approached so did the active weather warnings flashing across the TV screen. We questioned our neighbors as to what we should do or expect and our neighbors thought we New Yorkers were pretty silly! Well they said, when the bad weather rolls in, why we go out on the porch and watch or get up on the roof and take pictures! Tornadoes don't come to Edmond, they always make a loop right around us. On May 8th 1986 we were under a big tornado warning. You can probably guess where this is going LOL! Hubby of course was out on the porch with our girls and his camera, all our neighbors were waving at each other and looking at the sky, at that big rotating wall cloud. I was in the house holding my 5 month old baby boy. Then the TV went poof, along with the electricity and in comes my family screaming to get in the closet for gods sake! A funnel had dropped, right smack in our neighborhood. All 5 of us squished in that tiny closet, plus our little dog too (this was way before Cleo!) And there we waited in the dark, just waiting and listening, like forever it seems. Well anyway, our home was not one of the ones hit. Our tornado made National Geographic Magazine. I also saw footage of it on Utube and tried to download that without any success, but oh well, I'm sure you've seen one tornado you've seen them all!
Mothers Day in our house is also the day our 1st daughter Melissa was born, how special is that, every 7 years we get to celebrate together! I also have to add, that tornado hit the day before her birthday and she made sure her presents were in the closet with us LOL!

For those of you who read my daughter Melissas Texas Twinadoes blog, you know that this Mothers Day marks 2 years of our Grandson Brandon being cancer free. The gift Brandon received on that day, is one more precious and powerful than any gift you could probably be given, a new lease on life through organ donation.
As for me this Mothers Day, Jerry and I will be driving home from Oklahoma City. Our Grandson William is being baptised Sunday morning! You all can think of me driving right on up tornado alley road on my way home LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend, may you be spoiled and pampered this Mothers Day!