Monday, August 25, 2008

backing up to Saturday......

My eyes are a wee bit red this morning! You can tell you're getting older when you get home after midnight and are worried about the time. Poor Jerry, I know he was clock watching, he had to get up at 4 am this morning to catch the first flight out. But I'll say it again, Bruce was sure worth it! Okay, after all the anticipation of the concert last night I skipped over Saturday!
Saturday afternoon DH and I hopped over the state line to Parkville Mo.
Parkville is a quaint little town along the Missouri River. You can easily wile away a few hours
browsing through all the antique shops, cute specialty stores and then grab a bite to eat at one of several restaurants.

My 1st stop on the list was Peddlers Wagon. Cute little quilt shop with tons of patterns, samples and books. A sign on the door stated cameras were not allowed due to copyrighted material, so no pics for you there.

Now this was my absolute favorite shop, I didn't even catch the name, but would you just look at these darling outfits!!! Believe you me if I felt their was the slightest chance I would look cute in the red one I would have bought and worn it to last nights concert LOL! I do know my limits however (big sigh of relief from my family), so I passed.

Our last stop was a bench along the Missouri river. So calming and peaceful to sit and watch the water rushing by.
The rest of my week will be full blast. Only 4 more days and the Munchkins are coming. the Munchkins are coming!

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Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful there! Hope you had a great time although Bruce was probably better.