Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A perfect weekend

Another weekend gone by, and April is nearly over as well. My weekend was perfect, I was able to spend my time doing just what I wanted to do, a little drawing, sewing and shopping. Even the weather co-operated, dreary and raining off and on, a good weekend to feel content working indoors. My "July" Annie stitchery block is complete and ready to join "May" Annie on my web site, just as soon as Mr Webmaster can take his mind off golf and work his web magic.
"July" Annie wears her paper hat and waves her flag while she and dolly watch the big 4th of July parade. Wish I had a big glass of ice cold fresh squeezed lemonade to share with Annie, July is always so hot here in the Midwest.

I finished the eighth block out of nine for my next quilt. Don't you just love this purple and lime green. I am using the Asian prints from a few posts back and just loving the color combinations.

Sunday we did a little shopping for hubby. Strolling through the store to check out, out of the corner of my eye I saw this........ I would recognize that cute face a mile away.... Oh, Oh, Oh, my heart fluttered, whatever could be inside that cute box.

OMG..... it's a Hello Kitty bling, bling, bling watch! Just my lucky day to be shopping with hubby, it was meant to be. Pam Kitty Morning eat your heart out, she's mine, all mine! Happy Mothers Day to me :)

Hoping your weekend was perfect too!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May is for Annie

Tada.... a new stitchery, isn't she cute! This is the 1st block in my new month-by-month Annie redwork series. "May" Annie taking her dolly for a stroll, flowers are blooming and soon it will be Mothers Day. Each block comes with a note card, envelope and stitchery pattern tucked inside.
A cute pattern card to mail to someone who loves to stitch.
And this is all I have been doing lately, drawing, drawing, drawing.... I love to draw :) And that's a good thing as I have 11 more Annies to go.

I found these sitting on the kitchen windowsill last night. Hubby must have picked them as the lilac bush out back is full of blooms. He must have figured they would catch my eye there,
above the sink full of dishes, do you think that was a gentle hint LOL? I love lilacs and purple is my favorite color, they made me smile before I went to bed... after I did the dishes :)

Back to the drawing board people!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ding dong... Ma'am, this sure is one heavy box!!

Cleo and I saw the UPS man pull up while "we" were working on the computer. All I can say is those guys are young and fit for one good reason, to carry my box of Nonwovens wool felt up my steep drive way. Phew, I always feel bad. Spring colors are back in stock. Can't wait to see all the new colors they will introduce at Spring Quilt Market next month!

And in my mail box, new fabric. Yipppeee, what an exciting week!! (I think I can already picture my son raising his eyebrows at that statement). But hey, to each his own level of excitement.
Isn't this fabric lovely, I am thinking maybe purse?

As for my little fur ball Cleo. She had her monthly checkup and her vet says the insulin level we are at is working out well, but, my little girl is not so little anymore! She gained a pound in 4 weeks. Sheesh Cleo! Looks like the catkins diet is going to become a little stricter, poor Cleo :(

Well we are off to string some cute kids beads now. Whoohooo, more excitement :) I think my "model" is going to wear them on the next pattern cover, you'll laugh, well maybe not. Depends.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alone again.......

Wow, Easter came and it went, along with all of my company. Alone again... wasn't that a song?
Well our Easter was just so fun, 4 generations of Paquins in the house, it was a very special time.
The weather was on the cool side, however the sun came out on Saturday. My pumpkins were able to run off some steam and take part in the neighborhood egg hunt.

Alex got to show me his tree climbing skills, he was very proud, as you can see he is just beaming from ear to ear :)

I had tons of help in the kitchen, pint sized help that is! Alex helped me make our Easter Peep
angel cake and I learned something new. This kid LOVES Peeps! He ate 6 of them while we decorated the cake. I said Alex.... I didn't know you liked Peeps! He chirped, I mean said, oh Nana, they are my favorite! Before making the cake we dyed eggs, you may be able to see that by the dye spots all over his shirt. But believe you me his shirt looked great compared to Williams. William goes to dunk his 1st egg in a cup and knocks it over, all down the front of his once white now in the garbage can purple tye dyed shirt LOL! Remind me to make these boys some head to toe aprons.

We had brunch instead of dinner on Easter. The kids had to drive back to Oklahoma and Jon back to KU. Boy it was yummy, we also had tasty breakfast casserole, fresh fruits and don't forget the chocolate! Doesn't this picture just look like a Hallmark card!

The rest of the week was spent with Jerrys Dad who keeps very busy for an 88 year old, he loves to fix things. And we save a long list of fixing things to do every year for his visit lol.
Before he headed back to Florida we took him to his 1st ever concert at the Sprint Arena. George and Reba were great and I think he enjoyed it!

And now my house is quiet. Everyone is back to their normal routines. I'm happy to be back to the drawing board again.... fun projects coming up... I promise!
Have a happy week!