Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Pats!

Happy St Pattys Day to you! Did you wear your green today, or go to a parade? I have to admit I did neither, only because I had to boil the corned beef for hours! I make Hubby his St Patricks day dinner every year, it's a tradition he kind of expects and I have it down to perfection which is why he expects it LOL!

Recently my Annies came home to Mama, beautifully quilted by Brenda as always.

A better view of the quilting.

And an even larger view, isn't she sweet!

Seems like I have been missing for awhile here. I lost 1 whole week due to a painful tooth problem, which always happens over the weekend. After finally seeing our dentist I had to take antibiotics before the root canal visit..... the 4 hour root canal visit....OMG... was he drilling for oil or what? It was no fun, but better than the tooth fairy coming at my age I suppose.
Next we celebrated Hubbys birthday and no he is not 9 but we were being kind because he is really quite vain.

When I couldn't sleep during my nights of tooth pain I shopped... online.. and purchased another doll to go with miss kitty, her name is Becky, don't you just love her bunny teeth :)

I now have my booth # for International Quilt Market, so excited! Only 8 more weeks and I know that sounds far off but believe you me I start to panic about now. I am using this beautiful fabric by Jane Sassaman for the border on my next quilt. Today I spent or wasted my afternoon trying to pull the fusible web backing off my applique pieces. Big UG!!! I should have known better than to frustrate myself with the brand I used which I have never liked but was all I could find at the time, so tomorrow I'll run to Joannes for the brand I like and start over.

I could sure use a little help, but probably not this kind :) My sweetie loves to hang out with me, I don't know why because my son says I'm pretty boring but Cleo seems to think everything I do is lots of fun!

Enjoy your weekend!