Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unfinished projects

Look what Jerry pulled out of my car trunk this weekend. A rug I started hooking 4 years ago!!! Not long after we moved to Kansas I was invited to join a rug hooking group that met locally. It was fun, a nice group of ladies and I had wanted to learn rug hooking. My 1st projects were much smaller, two pillows, and after completing those I felt I was ready to tackle a nice size rug. And as you can see, here lies my rug :( Sometimes we have such good intentions. We take on more than we can do. In the end I decided I really needed to focus all of my time on my own design projects. It is awfully cute though isn't it. Maybe I'll take it along on our next road trip.

The battle of the blankets...... Here is Cleo's sweet fleece blanket I made special for her last Christmas. I found this cute fleece print with a kitty who looked just like her. I was excited for her to have her own blanket. I was positive she would be crazy about it because she loved MINE so much.

Well here she is, as usual, on MY blanket LOL! She refuses to go near her blanket. So let this be a lesson to you, don't bother making your cat a blanket, she will always covet yours and you probably just made yourself a new blankie!

Another week as flown by. My quilt top is almost complete, one more border to add, a few embroidery touches and then its off to be quilted! Yea!
Have a super week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back In The Groove!

Yea, I'm back and feeling fine!
Tops on my mind today is my little Grandson Alexander who turned 5 . My very 1st munchkin, I can not believe how big you are getting. Happy Birthday Alex, XXXXs and OOOOOs, I love you way much! And sorry I don't know why your picture is so tiny, probably because I lifted it off your Mommys site and Nana just is not a blogging wizard when it comes to making adjustments on some of these jpegs.

I had an unexpected surprise in the mail this weekend. Karen from the Yellow Farmhouse blog sent me a gift as her part of the Pay It Forward program I joined with her last year. She sent this lovely braided runner and a nice pair of needlecraft scissors. Never ever enough scissors and these are a perfect size for working on my penny rugs.

I have noticed a few completed State Series Quarter books popping up on blogs. So now I know that I was not the only crazy person who collected these! I started the book 10 years ago when Jon was 13 years old. WOW! As the years went by Jon more or less lost interest and collecting the quarters became my own little obsession. The things we do for our kids! So Jon here it is, all filled and complete, your inheritance along with the 3 tubs of beanie babies in the basement LOL! He says that's not funny Mom!

Okay, moving right along here. I have been working away on my quilt using the fabrics I showed you several posts ago. Love this fabric! I however found I did not have enough of the border fabric. Oh woe is me! What to do! Couldn't find it anywhere locally. This is where Google comes in as an amazing search tool! I discovered 2 wonderful shops that had some of this group remaining in their inventory. I ordered both from The Glass Thimble in Columbus Ohio and The Thrifty Needle in Maryland. My orders were sent out lickety split so by the time I was done appliqueing the shapes in place my fabric had arrived! I'll be sewing sashings and borders on the rest of this week. Now who do you think those little stick arms belong too?

I have also spent a lot of nights hand sewing in front of the TV lately. So many of my favorite shows have started back up; The Amazing Race, Survivor, Idol, and The Bachelor! Oh my goodness did you watch The Bachelor last night? That Jason sure spent an awful lot of time hopping in and out of hot tubs LOL! I mean it was almost a joke. I did feel bad that he sent Jill home though.
On that note, I have been watching too much TV. Have a happy week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A blubbering mess

A blubbering mess, yep that describes me fairly well this week! That darn nasty cold that everyone has seems to have found me. Something about those watering eyes, aches and pains and sneezing noses reduces us to a whining, sniveling mess. I talked to my Daddy in Pa today and he had it too. 91 years old, he recommends a nice hot toddy, knock yourself out he says!
On the brighter side, look what arrived in my mail box today. Some Valentine love from my twin munchkins Aiden and Brandon!

Two cute little twin hand prints with a sweet message inside. Very folk arty! Did you lick those candy hearts boys?
Don't you just love novelty prints, I found these two on my last fabric outing.

I am always a sucker for kitten fabric, and these are darn cute!

And then we have the Pirates! I am going to make pillowcases for Alex and Williams visit next month.
And speaking of my little 3 year old William, I spoke to him on the phone a little while ago. They live in OKC and he went on and on about the big storms they had yesterday. They went KABOOM and it RAINED and SIRENS and the lights went OUT at dinner and it was DARK and on and on he went in his cute little voice.
Well, I have dinner made and bubbling away so now I can head upstairs and sew some quilt blocks together before hubby gets home.
Enjoy your day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lunch with my boy!

What a fun day I had today! Jerry and I drove down to visit Jon at KU. I did not dare show up empty handed so yesterday I made his favorite treats Haystacks and Peanut Butter cookies.
First stop was the apartment which I had not seen yet. Had a quick little tour, all nice and clean. He even showed me inside the frig, which was pretty darn empty, do you think that was a subtle hint LOL? I couldn't help but notice the kitchen counter decoration, unusual don't you think? Little plastic sharks from a favorite night spot "The Sand Bar" and I don't want to know what you do to earn them because he has quite a collection going on here!

Next stop was the downtown strip for lunch because we were all STARVING! Lots of fun shops on the strip, I thought the signs in this window were fun.

We had lunch, or breakfast I should say at Miltons and OMG it was so worth the wait! I had my favorite eggs Benedict and Jerry had I don't know what there!

Here's Jon and girlfriend Carly holding up their loaded plates. I don't know where little Carly is going to put those giant hunks of french toast but I'm sure she is used to Jon not letting any food grow cold around her. Aren't they sooooo cute.

After lunch Jon and Carly gave us the campus tour and what a pretty campus it is spread out along the top of a big hill. I would have taken more pictures but alas my camera battery light was blinking, thank goodness Jon was probably thinking. Just enough juice left for one last picture at the student union of Jon and his famous Jay Hawk!

Love you guys, thanks for the fun afternoon, SWAK!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cupid sighting!

February, a month with a little holiday to chase the winter blues away. I just love the colors of Valentines Day, bright reds and pinks, lots of glitter, hearts, flowers cupids and bows. Love is in the air and oh, lets not forget the chocolate! Now that the kiddies are gone I don't decorate much for Valentines Day. I do however scatter vintage valentines all over my kitchen hutch, you can't help smiling just looking at them!

Cleo and I have been busy playing cupid here, packing up boxes with Valentine/birthday love to mail out to the munchkins. Just look at this cute, cute book I found for Alexander- "Love Splat"! A purrrfect story for Valentines Day: Splat has a crush on a cute girl kitten at school and
a special Valentine card he agonizes over giving to her. So cute, the illustrations are to die for! Splat looks a lot like Cleo and Alex just loves Cleo even though the feelings are not quite reciprocated on her part.

My dear hubby has been in Vegas all week, I am feeling pretty jealous:( Sitting at a cafe in the warm sun having his little lunch break he calls me while I am bundled up here in 6 sweaters. I don't want to hear it! I have to tell you, the day he flew in he went straight from the airport to the golf course, imagine that LOL! So he's playing golf and a celebrity played through in front of his group, I guess that is golf course etiquette. Anyways, it was Justin Timberlake, my girls would have died! Jerry said he was very nice and thanked them for cutting in before teeing off.

I have my nice bundle of Moda "Its Snowing" fabric layed out on my cutting table upstairs just calling my name. Cleo and I plan on spending the afternoon stitching up a new quilt. And then I suppose we better do a little cleaning, make it look like we actually did something "constructive" before Daddy gets home LOL!
Have a fun week!