Thursday, September 1, 2016

Welcome September!

What a fun time I had at the Greater Kansas City Quilt Guild show this past weekend! I met so many lovely quilters and had the best booth mates on each side of me. The following three pictures are of my booth set up.

The best part of being a vendor at a quilt show are the people you meet. Lovely quilter and guild member Joeann Collins stopped by my booth and brought her adorable reindeer quilt she made from my pattern "Fa La La La La". She was so much fun to talk to and seeing her completed quilt was such a treat! 

We had a stormy week last week. Parts of Kansas City flooded, fortunately not where I live, but we had a 90 mph wind gust blow through our neighborhood leaving a lot of tree damage to clean up.

And now the sun is shining for what looks like a pretty Labor Day weekend! Can you believe it's September already? Annie sure can't, she's back to school! You can find this September BOM embroidery pattern and or little quilt kit on my Etsy site.

September is also a fun month because it is my birthday month and I plan on celebrating all month long :) 
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, safe travels if you are on the road!