Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Bunny Cuteness for you!

What a weird week, fog, rain, sleet, snow, good grief it seems we've seen it all! I think we are all a little bit more than ready for Spring now. I spent most of this week writing instructions for my new pattern "Bow Tie Bunnies" and here they are in all their bunny cuteness :)
Fast and easy to make, don't you love the button accent on their bow ties? So many wonderful buttons and embellishments out there today, a girl could go crazy.

I also finished my new Annie design this week. Oh this little one makes me smile, my heart is bursting with the cuteness of April Annie LOL! Her bonnet... oh my, just wait :) Maybe I better settle down here before I bust a vessel, I am just having so much fun sewing. I'll be showing her off soon.

So what to do next. I have had this fabric sitting on my cutting board for about 2 months now. I totally love, love, love it! Maybe I'll play with this for awhile.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vegas Baby!!

I had a nice change of pace this past weekend, a getaway from the snow and cold. Vegas baby! I was able to tag along with Hubby while he was there for a conference.

The weather did not disappoint, temps in the 60's allowed me to thaw out, so nice to walk around minus coat and scarves and boots! Our 1st night we visited the old downtown Vegas strip, I had never been to that part before and it did not disappoint.

Had to find my lucky slot machine... of course I picked one with a cat on it :) Was the kitty good to me? Well all I can say is I did not leave with a body guard LOL!

Lots of lights and glitter, everywhere you look, Vegas is fascinating for sure. I could just sit all
day in a cafe and people watch. Having the afternoons to myself I did do a lot of that. Our hotel was so big it took a good 20 minutes to get from our room to the front door. Busy, busy, no sign of recession there I'll tell you!

I was disappointed the hotels were not decked out for Valentines Day, they were still in the Chinese New Years theme, beautiful decorations but I really expected to see lots of hanging red hearts and Cupids. We did see a bride all fluffy in her pretty white dress though... so exciting :) We even had newly marrieds on our flight home, so cute. There were plenty of chocolate and Valentine goodies to be had in every shop though.

We enjoyed some really wonderful food, isn't this a feast for your eyes... dinner with my Valentine and new friends..... yummmmm!
Lickety split, my little adventure was over and here I am back in Kansas. A click of the red shoes and Vegas now seems a dream. That was just long enough for me to tell you the truth and there is no place like home for sure. I am excited to get back to business and catch up here.
My bunny runner is on it's way home to Mama, I have the binding all ready and waiting.
Blocks for a new quilt are lined up on my ironing board, bursting with ideas and sew excited!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No more snow!

Ok, I believe my last post said bring on the snow. What ever was I thinking!! It snowed and snowed here in Kansas, and much of the country besides. Even my little pumpkins in Dallas and Oklahoma City saw bunches of snow. Snow is fun when you're a kid, they sledded and made snowmen and enjoyed being snowed in :)

Cleo took this picture for you, her birds eye view out the back door. At least the sun was shining, but don't let that fool you. We had more days with minus zero temperatures this year than I can remember, it's been bitter bitter bitter cold, I feel like I live in Siberia.

So what do we do when we are snowed in. Well we hunker down and cook.... comfort food, pot roast, browned potatoes and cat toast!

And then there were the football play off games. Born and bred Pittsburgh girl that I am,
I had to cheer for my Steelers! BBQ ribs, Rolling Rock beer in keeping of the PA theme, loaded baked potatoes and beans. Are you getting hungry yet LOL ?

Even Cleo got in the spirit, here she is wearing her own Terrible Towel, she even has a gold dish for her food.

I made a Pittsburgh dish called "City Chicken", for one of the games, mashed potatoes and lots of gravy, YUMMY!! And after all that, my Steelers lost, but hey, it was all fun and a great Super Bowl!

When I was finally able to get out and about once more I had lots of Valentine errands to run. Since all my little Valentines live out of town I had to get the goodie boxes ready and mailed.

And remember that cute Spring fabric I showed you? Well I got my table runner all stitched up and mailed off to Brenda to work her quilting magic on it. This week I wrote up the pattern.....
The Bunnies are coming soon! YAY, you're gonna love them!

In blog hopping, my bloggy friend Cheryl "Miss Polka Dot" has been a busy, busy girl. She has whipped up bunches of goodies, I don't know where she finds all the time. She has pictures posted of my Reindeer and Snowmen runners, so fun, I just love her fabric choices :)
As for me, I best get hopping now, I have a very big weekend in store for me and best get packing a bag :)