Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to Earth

Back to earth, or Kansas that is! Trying to settle back in to life on the prairie after spending a delightful week with our friends from Buffalo at their vacation condo in North Myrtle Beach.
It doesn't get much more relaxing than a beach vacation. An ocean view, sound of waves to lull you to sleep; add a little sun, good friends, great food, we were so very spoiled.

Our hubbies golfed a lot, but we did plan one day trip together, a 2 hour drive south to the charming city of Charleston. Out side of Charleston along coastal highway 17 you can not miss the many stands of baskets for sale. These handwoven baskets are a product of West African culture, plantation slaves wove baskets from the sweet grass that grows in the low country of South Carolina. The tradition was passed down from Grandmother to Mother and Daughter and many families continue weaving these beautiful baskets today.

Sometimes the memories that make a trip unique are the special people you meet on your journey. One such person was this gentleman. We had stopped at a gas station/hardware store and he was sitting outside on the porch playing his guitar. Both of our husbands play guitar, struck up a conversation with him and of course they were curious to hear his musical style. He was a shrimp boat captain for 30 years and now played at his leisure. He played and sang a song of his choice for us, a hymn I was not familiar with, so nice, he had a lovely voice. It was an unexpected and pleasurable moment!

All my life I have wanted to visit a real plantation, or ever since reading "Gone With The Wind" as a young girl I should say, and that was our next stop, Boone Hall Plantation.
The entry way was the most spectacular part of the grounds to me, these breath taking live oak trees which are all 200-300 years old. They form a canopy archway over the road leading up to the mansion, can't you just see Rhett galloping up on his horse!

At the end of the driveway stands this beautiful mansion, built in the 1930s, it replaces the original wooden home. This is the oldest working plantation in America and well work the tour of it's beautiful grounds.

Come on in!! Or, lets just sit here and rock awhile, I'll have an iced tea please! Pictures were not allowed inside the home, so I'll just have to leave you at the door.

By now we had worked up quite an appetite! Next stop, dinner on the harbor, a beautiful spot to dine....

and watch the boats sail by.

Have you ever had fried green tomatoes? I never have but Kathy had this amazing appetizer, fried green tomatoes with stuffed crab in between, isn't it beauuutiful! I sampled a tomato and it was delish, Southern food at it's finest! On a full stomach we drove along the waterfront viewing the lovely homes which are unique to the area, too dark then for pictures. We stopped at Riverstreet Sweets for fudge, I do have a sweet tooth you know! And some of those famous Pecan Pralines and salt water taffy to bring home.

Ok, we're getting to the end. Beach, pool, sun, dinner out, beach, pool, sun, bla, bla bla.
Our last night after visiting another fine seafood spot, we stopped at a MEGA gift store. The scope of this place was too large for pictures, every gift item known to man kind was in this store. Included were at least 15 huge rooms packed with Christmas ornaments, can you hear our husbands groan :)

And then there was one last walk on the beach, by the light of a full moon, and now I'm home.
And it's time to pull my head out of the sand, and get busy!
XXOOO Barbie Jo