Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunny Central

Good morning, I should have plenty of time to blog today, our second big snow storm hit last night and I'll just say we are not going anywhere too soon! Hopefully we will be plowed out tomorrow, but for now it is pretty to look at and we have power, who could ask for more.
It is hard to believe just a week ago Hubby and I were in Dallas and it was 72 perfect degrees! We drove down to visit our daughter and cute little twin Grandsons who turned 7 this week. On our girlie afternoon out my daughter and I visited 2 quilt shops near by, Quilt Country in Lewisville and The Old Craft Store in Carrollton. Each store was unique and fun, I bought goodies at each. The flannel pictured below will be stitched in to 2 baby blankets for the expected arrival of my Nieces twins. I am trying the "self binding" baby blanket instructions, I'll let you know how that turns out. I also purchased a Frixion marking pen for my embroidery tracing, it is supposed to disappear with a hot iron. Normally I use the water soluble tracing pens so I am curious to see if I might like this better, have you tried one?

The drive down and back is long and rather boring, I stitched all the way. My bunny penny rug is nearly finished and will be a pattern soon!
Bunny kits and patterns have been hopping out the door since I got home, it feels like bunny central here. Easter is early this year, time to put my few Valentine decorations away and bring out the Spring decor.

And after gazing at this scene out my front window, I know I'm ready for a little Spring, how about you?