Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two angels

November.. a happy month.. a sad month. 
The happy part, my Father in law came for a visit from Florida. Our daughter and her little family drove up from Oklahoma City to visit and celebrate Grandpa's 93rd birthday along with our sons 29th! It was a lot of fun having them all here together.

The sad part, my sweet Daddy passed away last Sunday:( 
Hubby and I drove back to Pennsylvania as our family gathered in from various other states. 
At 97 years old my Daddy was an amazing man. He was proud to be WW2 veteran serving in the O.S.S. division behind enemy lines in Burma. He was a Father to 5 children, a fine artist, writer, and played on a softball league well in to his 90's! He lead a full active life and had a funny sense of humor. I will miss talking to him. I am sad for me, but happy that he is with our Mom once again. 
Now I have two sweet angels looking down on me.
God bless and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.