Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I guess I left you hanging there right before my friend Patty came to visit. And now she's been gone a whole week but boy we sure did have a great time! The days flew by so fast I didn't take many pictures, but I'll tell you we kept plenty busy. 
We mostly fixed dinners here at home, probably because it seemed we ruined our appetites every afternoon visiting the ice cream store, my favorite Andres Chocolates for tea and pastries or Dean and Delucca for cookies on our daily jaunts. Hubby did however take us to dinner on the Plaza in Kansas City. We had to ditch the pj's and spiff up a little, you can see Patty is ready to party in her sparkly wine glasses top! Anyways, we went to a restaurant I love, and especially this time of year....Cafe Trio. 

My little picture does not do much justice to the spectacular job they do decorating for Halloween! 
The ceilings are covered in cobwebs with giant sparkly spiders tucked inside. Dozens of skeletons wrapped in mummy style wraps hang in-between, the atmosphere surely invites a pre-dinner cocktail, perhaps a Bloody Mary!

A good portion of our time was spent relaxing, chatting and sewing, listening to old music. We yanked out all my wools and Patty stitched up this cute pattern block by Liberty Rose. She is going to finish it as a pillow, won't that look cute in a little antique chair or bench for Thanksgiving! 

I sat and worked on completing 2 projects, both pillows are made from wool felt, the patterns are new to my web site this week. They are fast and fun to make, a great gift or a cheerful addition to your holiday decor. Scottie loves to run in the fresh fallen snow. He wears his new green sweater and sports a festive bow for the holidays.

With a carrot nose and button eyes this snowman sure is jolly. I love snowmen,
don't they just make you smile :)

Tonight is Beggars Night, or so it used to be called when I grew up in Transylvania Pennsylvania, when some kids would beg for treats the night before Halloween. 
Sunday we were invited to friends for dinner, after dinner was over we were each given a pumpkin to carve. It was a lot of fun, I guess we never grow up, here is what our crew looked like.

My favorite part of Halloween is a nice glowing pumpkin... and lots of leftover candy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Happy Fall! So hard to believe it's October once more, our weather changed in a flash, flip flops to sweaters, AC to turning the heat on. I'm not quite happy to give up my flip flops just yet, but there are a lot of other things I love about this time of year. The changing trees, pumpkins and Mums and apple cider. And Halloween doughnuts!! Would you just look at these, could they get any cuter! Our Grandsons helped Hubby pick these out Sunday morning at Krispy Kreme. 

We had a fabulous Sunday, a very short visit from the Oklahoma Grandsons and daughter. By short I mean they were only in town for about 6 hours but we'll take any time we can get whenever we can get it! During our whirlwind visit we went to the apple cider festival in Louisburg, they have a cider mill where you can see the cider being made and of course you can purchase it nice and fresh. Kettle corn, pumpkin patch, corn maze, fiddlers too, a nice little adventure on a pretty fall day. 
Our son Jon and his girlfriend joined us as well. On our way back we had an early dinner, BBQ at Jack Stacks, and then it was time to drive them to the airport.... the small plane airport. They flew up for the day and back with friends on a charter jet, yep, these kids know how to roll LOL! 

Saturday I got my beloved sewing machine back, it had been in the shop for a tune up. You sure never know how much you miss something until it's gone. I have my Hello Kitty machine as a back up, but it does not have the bells and whistles my Elna has on it. So while it was gone I switched over to some hand sewing with wool. Love my wool too, nothing more relaxing than sitting and stitching by the fire or in front of the TV. And now I have a new design to show you! Who doesn't love a snowman, they never fail to make me smile. A sleigh full of presents, this little guy is fast and fun to make up for the holidays. He's so cute you'll want to leave him out all winter long! 

I have another wool design in the works, but this week I am mostly thinking about doing a little housework. You will notice I said thinking.... but truly I need to take action. My friend Patty is coming to visit on Saturday, all the way from Buffalo NY! I have known Patty for 30 plus years, ever since we lived there so long ago. She is going to spend a week with me and I am very EXCITED! Girlfriend time, some much needed girl time!