Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A time to reap, a time to sew

May day...may day... where has this month gone! Our month started with a quick road trip over Mothers Day weekend to Dallas to visit with our daughter and the twins. Can you believe they are 10 already! 
Our daughter was born on Mothers Day, how special is that! Even though her birthday fell on Monday this year we were able to have a double celebration. We ate out lots, and when in Texas you sure want some BBQ, and I'll tell you, get yourself right on over to Hard Eight BBQ because their brisket melts in your mouth! See how happy everyone is! They are in a good food coma lol.
Mothers day was girls day! While Grandpa took the boys to see a movie, my daughter took me to a cute little painting studio. Our class was relaxing, our art student instructor was cute and fun, we had a great time together. Afterwards to returned to Grapevine for Gelatos and fudge before heading back to teach her how to knit before the boys came home. Yes, knit 1 pearl 1, I am so excited she wanted to learn how!
Our weekend was over way to fast, Texas thunderstorms and severe weather chased into Oklahoma, where the wind blew us back to Kansas, and Daisy! 

Where it has rained just about every day since! The grass is green, everything is lush and I spend day after day in my sewing room. My cutting table overfloweth. I am now into 30 blocks of The Splendid Sampler quilt.
I am so busy with my own sewing, sometimes I feel I just won't be able to keep up with this. 
But I guess there's always time to fit another block in, they are just so much fun! I enjoy the the worldwide group camaraderie on Instagram and Facebook, sewing has no language barriers.

I am making up little Annie individual kits for my Etsy shop, starting a new wool project and preparing some embroidery for summer road trips. 

And so tomorrow begins another month. Our Oklahoma family is having an engagement party for our Son and his beautiful bride to be. Excited for the get together and so the count down continues.... 5 more months! 
Happy June!

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Jon Leonards quote" It takes a long time to grow an old friend" is so very true. Our dear friends came and went. Our visit went by way too fast, we had such a great time!

We managed to do a little bit of everything. We visited The Ems Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs Missouri. When healing mineral waters were discovered here during the late 1800's, thousands of people poured in to this town for cures. We had never been before but it was on our list. About an hour out side of Kansas City, this hotel is known for it's history, beautiful grounds and luxurious spas.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch here and then toured this beautiful hotel. I hope hubby will bring me back some day (hint hint) perhaps for a special occasion. That spa looked amazing! 

Some shopping was done at a favorite spot of mine, Cockrell Mercantile Company in Missouri.
I love the Fiesta Cottage and added a few pieces to my collection. What you see here in this picture is  not even 1/10th of all the Fiestaware in stock, it's Fiestaware heaven! 

We worked our way through some of the cuisine Kansas City has to offer, saw a movie "Brooklyn" which I highly recommend. And then we drove to Saint Louis for our final day together. Where we ate our way through this city also lol! We had a wonderful lunch on The Hill at Amighettis and bought Italian bread to take home. Followed by a visit to The Missouri Baking Company for Italian cookies and pastries to also bring home to our cute engaged couple.

We toured the Saint Louis Cathedral Basilica which is so amazing pictures will not do it justice.
Followed by dinner at Charlie Gitto's on The Hill, where we were treated so wonderfully and I had lasagna like a pillow on a cloud. The next morning we each went our separate ways, us home to Kansas City and our dear friends to Buffalo NY. Almost 40 years of friendship, it's a wonderful thing!

Home to my normal routine again. I just released a new design for you.
This little quilt features wool applique on cotton. It is a perfect project to take along on your summer vacation, fast and fun, when done you'll have a gift for Christmas or yourself because you love it so much!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Step away from the sewing machine!

The sun is out and shining here in Kansas, it's a perfect day if you were at The Masters which hubby surely wishes he was. So while he reminisces about his time there several years ago, and relives every hole one by one, I am sewing! 
 Or trying to sew. Notice the rather large pile of fabric scraps and ruined paper templates on my cutting board, the unhappy face on my pin cushion. I have always wanted to learn paper piecing, and this weeks beautiful Splendid Sampler block #15 by Janice Ryan was just that, paper pieced! 
And so I printed out all the templates and then read through the directions, yet my brain just did not want to make sense of this technique. I watched 2 videos on paper piecing which really did not sink in either. By now I am practically banging my head up and down on my cutting mat and crying... this is when a little voice says.. step away from the sewing machine, just step away now. 

 Maybe all the fumes from the painting hubby has been doing these past few weeks have gone to my head.
He's doing a great job though isn't he! Daisy is supervising, she's soooo funny!

So back to my story, I took a little break, nibbled on some chocolate bunny, and watched another video on paper piecing. This one was by Alyssa Thomas, one of the sampler block designers. She has been sewing along with everyone and made a video of sewing the actual block. Once I saw how the 1st section was done, it all clicked! Yes it did! Yay!! Full steam ahead I finished the block, it's not perfect but I'm okay with it for a 1st try. This is exactly what I have been enjoying about sewing along with the sampler, the variety of techniques used, there is always something new to learn! 

We are getting ready for company. My girlfriend from Buffalo New York is coming to visit next weekend, with her hubby. We met in Buffalo about 40 years ago at Home Bureau, a large group of woman who got together every week to sew and craft. They even had a nursery who my little one, it was great! Although I have been gone from Buffalo 30 years now, we still visit back and forth as much as possible. Such friends are so very special and we are really excited for their visit!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Put on your Easter bonnet.....

Another month blowing by. It has been awfully windy here in Kansas, but really these days are flying! Here is my current block progress in the Splendid Sampler. So enjoyable following along with the Facebook group, everyone has made such different fabric choices, I love to see them all.  It is hard to imagine 100 blocks by years end on my wall though! 

My kitty quilt is bound and washed and being enjoyed!
I am writing a new pattern but have little sewing time this week as Easter is almost here and I am getting ready for company. 
Our Daughter and Son in law are driving up from Oklahoma for the weekend, and that mean Grandsons to spoil!  YAY!!!!

Making a few goodies, this is the 1st time I tried this little treat recipe found on Pinterest.
Candy filled pretzels turned in to chickens. A little patience is required with these but they turned out cute and are yummy, sweet and salty is a good combo!

I also made Daisy an Easter bonnet. She does not love it as much as I do but she's a good sport!

Happy Easter to you!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feels like summer!

Another week gone by, we have been enjoying splendid weather in the 70's! Today Hubby and I ran a few errands and at one stop purchased Girl Scout cookies! Yum, I didn't see any little Girl Scouts last year so this was an overdue treat! Driving through I neighborhood we stopped at an Estate sale that was going on. Oh my, they had soooooo much stuff. I purchased these old Hallmark cookie cutters as I like to make sugar cookies. But I felt kind of sad seeing all the handwork, quilts and sewing projects this woman had made for sale, there were boxes and boxes of sewing items.

And so, speaking of splendid, block #2 of The Splendid Sampler sew along became available on Thursday. This pretty block designed by Jane Davidson called Wings was a little challenging for me. The block consists of 36- 1-1/2" squares, 10 being 1/2 square triangle units. I don't usually work this small, but I feel it is a good thing to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile.
Block #3 will be available tomorrow, I wonder what is in store for us next! 

Have a happy weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2016

UFOs, they keep coming back to haunt you

And this one, well it's baaaaack again! Now that I am all caught up on paper work, a blessed event for sure, I feel that I can attack some of those UFOs. First up, this wool rug I started hooking about 10 years ago! Photo bomber Daisy is very curious about new to her project.

What ever was I thinking, lol? My 1st two rug hooking projects were pillows and I was able to complete them in a reasonable time frame. But this.... as you can see I have quite a ways to go! And so I am working on it during the evening hours while I watch TV. 

Next up is a new project. This is block 1 of The Splendid Sampler quilt along. The sampler is run and hosted by Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan. Sponsored by Moda Fabrics, Aurifil thread and Martingale Books. You can find all the information you will need if you wish to join this project at http://thesplendidsampler.com.
Each week beginning Feb 14th two blocks will be released, and the sampler will finish with a total of 100 blocks. I joined the group on Facebook and it is so much fun seeing the many different fabric choices that have been made. I have decided to work from my large fabric stash instead of purchasing more for this project. I will let each block lead me to it's fabric choice. Obviously hearts, flowers and love birds were my perfect choice for this pretty Valentine block. I hope that this time next year I won't be saying... what ever was I thinking!

And speaking of Valentines, I hope your day was filled with love and chocolate of course! 
We were pretty quiet, my honey took me out to brunch at a favorite restaurant in Kansas City. 
We then drove around the city to become familiar with where our cute engaged couple is going to be married, hotels, reception site, all those wonderful things. Beyond excited! And then today I had a call that my dress came in for the wedding! I know, Fall is a long time away, but these months are flying by so quickly it will be here before you know it! Love is in the air, yes it is. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sew Special!

You may recall before the holidays I was working on a special project. Kindred Stitches Magazine asked if I would design a project for their Easter issue, and of course, well yes, I was honored to do so! You will find my adorable Easter Bunny table runner in this issue. This digital magazine is beautifully photographed and chalk full of cute Spring projects for you to make and more. You can download the magazine app for your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store here: Http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/kindred-stitches-interactive/id665019498?mt=8
You can also purchase a pdf version to print on your computer here:

It is a grey chilly day here in Kansas but I surely can't complain, we have had an easy winter so far with mostly above normal temperatures. I have been longing for one good snowfall though... bite my tongue...Hubby does not enjoy shoveling. 
We are excited for the weekend and looking forward to our Son and cute Fiancés engagement party. 
Our Oklahoma daughter and son in law will be our weekend guests, such a happy time! 

I've found time to work on  my quilt, all I have left to do is add the borders and then send it off to be quilted! 

Have a happy week, I hope you find time to do what you love most!