Friday, October 31, 2014

Road Trip

Hubby and I made a quick run to Oklahoma City this week. We wanted to see our Grandson William play a game of football before the season is over. How fun to see him play, they sure start them young don't they! It was chilly out on that field, the temps dropped quickly along with the sun, I wished I had brought my fleece blankie!

After the game and a quick bite to eat with the kids, Hubby and I were ready to settle into our 
temporary digs after a long day of driving and anticipation. Our hotel was decked out for Halloween!

Pumpkins and goblins galore!

Next morning Hubby was up and at it early with our daughter having coffee at a hip spot in town.
They then visited the Museum of Modern Art while I progressed at a more leisurely pace.
He and Erin then picked me up for lunch.

And what a beautiful lunch it was! Kitchen 324 in downtown OKC, the prettiest restaurant I have seen in awhile. The food presentations were beautiful and very tasty!

Next stop at Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center where our daughter works. We had a tour of the building and viewed the current exhibit by K. Yoland. (Hubby and Erin deep in thought in the distance).

Then it was back into town to view the installation piece Terra, by artist Orly Genger on loan to Oklahoma Contempoary. This sculpture was made from long pieces of rope knotted and crocheted, inspired by the Oklahoma soil it was painted terra cotta. 

Back to our hotel for a little rest, next up... a trip to Eichens in Okarche Oklahoma for dinner. Eichens is an Oklahoma legend being the oldest bar in Oklahoma, but famous for their fabulous fried chicken and okra! Nothing fancy here, just the best chicken ever!!

Grandsons William and Alexander love it!

And from here we said our good nights and goodbyes. It was a busy full visit, time to get a good night sleep before heading home to Kansas City and our Daisy in the morning!
Lots to get ready for here, Grandpa is visiting from Florida next week.. to celebrate his 93rd birthday! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Indian Summer in Kansas

Another absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Kansas! Friday I talked Hubby into a Quilt show/craft show afternoon, with a promise of lunch thrown in if he was good! And so 1st we headed to the Lees Summit Missouri Quilters Guild annual show. So many lovely quilts displayed,  the following pictures depict just a small sampling of the many wonderful quilts made by their members. 

After the quilt show we went to check out a craft show back on our Kansas side. Then before heading home, we stopped for a late lunch/dinner.. and it sure was yummy!

Below are some of the goodies that followed me home, some pretty fabric from the quilt show. Locally made jams, candles and who can resist a church bake sale from the craft show. 

We had to scurry home to watch the World Series. I just love baseball, and I'll tell you this city is beside itself having our Royals make it this far, so exciting! I have been up late nearly every night watching the games. Go Royals!

Daisy is not so excited. Don't you just wish you could be so comfy sleeping upside down?

Saturday I spent in the kitchen mixing up some Grandkid treats.
Zombie eyeballs.

And Monster popcorn mix!

I'm glad you came to visit, enjoy your week!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Start your leaf blowers..

Fall is here again, the leaves are showing off for us. We turn our heads every which way when leaving the neighborhood, one tree prettier than another, Mother nature sure does produce one glorious show!

Doing a little Fall decorating, my new pumpkin head dollie arrived from Valerie Weberpal at Harvest Moon designs. I just love her work, isn't she fun!

I have a new pattern design for you! "Oh Holy Night"...the stars are softly shining.
My wool wall hanging features a shepherd tending his flock on this most special night. You can find it now on my web site at

A lambie close up... they are just the sweetest!

And speaking of sweet.. my Daisy is growing up, she doesn't fit in her favorite cozy dish anymore, but she still tries LOL! She has her winter coat right now, she's super fluffy!

Glad you stopped by to check in on us, we hope your week is super great!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Indian summer and a Fall festival

The birthday girl is now a year older. It happened so fast, just as summer flew by and here it is Fall already! I had a wonderful birthday weekend. I enjoyed talking to my friends and family who called me on my special day. That evening hubby took me out to dinner at Lidia's in Kansas City. Dinner was made even more special when we were joined by our son and his friend Emily. The food there is always delicious, such a nice ending to my day. 
Our weather here in Kansas has been near perfect all week. Sunday Hubby and I decided to take a little road trip to the charming town of Lexington Missouri. They were having a Fall Festival and we thought that would be a perfect time to visit.

Horses made out of cornstalks!

Lots of scarecrows!

Behind the horses a cute storefront named The Purple Turnip caught my attention and lured me inside.
Right away I noticed all the beautiful wool models and books displayed by designer/author Maggie Bonanomi, what luck I thought, I had just walked in to heaven! 

And then who walked in but Maggie herself, I had no idea she had a store here and this was such a pleasant find! Maggie was so gracious, she allowed me to take pictures for you and she was so fun and interesting to talk to. 

I just loved her store, to be surrounded by such goodness and creativity I could have spent the entire afternoon there basking in piles of wool and such. Oh and this candle, boy oh boy is it yummy smelling! Now Hubby is a patient man, but poor guy he was melting away outside on a bench, and so I made my purchases so we could continue the journey. 

After walking the block of vendors we drove down a side street to visit the state historical sight where the Anderson house could be toured and the acreage where The 1861 Civil War battle of Lexington was fought.

Before leaving town we drove around a bit to see some of the beautiful Victorian homes. 

I love purple and was really drawn to this one.

A close up of the angels, how perfect to have a home with angels looking over you!

And one more, wouldn't you love to sit on this porch to stitch and sew!

                         Wishing you a happy week and maybe a little more of this pretty weather!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A little girl time

A week has passed by since my friend Patty went home and I am adjusting to a less exciting pace. Much less....I mean the highlight for me this week was getting a flu and shingles shot LOL! Kind of a let down after a week of girl time. I think Patty and I managed to do a little bit of everything. We ate out more than we cooked, sometimes that just involved ice-cream for dinner, sewed in our pi's, a little shopping, sightseeing, and a movie too. The movie we saw was "Chef", cute but to tell you the truth the theatre was so dark and that reclining seat so relaxing, I fell asleep twice LOL! Pictured below is a chalk art painting that captured my eye while we were at the chalk art festival in Kansas City, I love the bright colors and mashed chalk bits incorporated into this piece. 

We celebrated my birthday early, Patty made my favorite cake.. banana nut and it was delicious!
Daisys' eyes were all aglow when the candles were lit and she was very afraid of the singing kitty on my card! Next week is my real birthday, just in case anybody forgets LOL!

We worked on a little crazy wool mat I designed as we sewed, lots of chocolate and laughter were involved as well! I love working with wools, sewing by hand is a satisfying change that I was ready for. As a matter of fact I am felting a batch of wool felt today. Cant wait to play with it...enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September!

Happy September! Can you believe it, the kids are back to school (well not mine lol) and fall is just around the corner and.... it's my birthday month! A busy month it is going to be here also, I have 2 rounds of company coming... yay! Our Labor Day weekend was rather quiet here. Hubby and I went out to eat, took a little day drive to a lake north of here and shopped for these pretty fall flowers. Fox Glove, aren't they beautiful, and I just love the name. 

While shopping last week look what I came upon, nutcrackers! I used to collect them, not anymore but they do always make me smile. Christmas is full blown in the major craft stores. It may seem early to some, but when you are making gifts it is never too soon to pick up the supplies you need to get started. Are you making gifts this year? I have several projects started on my cutting table.

Speaking of cutting table, yikes my sewing room is a disaster. My room overfloweth with projects in various stages of completion, mostly early stages I might add. It is amazing how many pieces of fabric you can pull out of bins to audition for one little project, which never make their way back to storage. And I must admit my sewing room has run out of space it seems. I would love to knock down a wall and move into the adjoining room, but somehow I don't think that is going to happen in this lifetime!
Anyway, my dear friend Patty is flying in this week all the way from Buffalo NY. I am so looking forward to a week of girl time with her. Patty loves to work with wools and wool felts. There will be lots of sewing and chatter in the week ahead. 

Kitty update: our Daisy is getting so big! Everyday is a delight with her, she makes us laugh a lot at her antics. 

And now I best quit goofing off and get to my cleaning before Patty comes! 
Enjoy your week!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reindeer Obcession

Cute little reindeer, yes I am obsessed with them! It started when I was a little girl. 
For Christmas I received the Burl Ives record "Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer" with a matching storybook. My Grandfather had made my sister and I a standup cabinet which housed a little record player. It was painted sugar pink and had circular cut outs in the wood with glittery little Christmas card scenes glued inside. A light inside shone through the cutouts casting a magical glow in the room while we played our record over and over. 
And so I fell in love with that cute little Reindeer, cried when he couldn't play in any reindeer games, and rejoiced in his feisty character and determination to beat the odds.
I never outgrew my love of reindeer at Christmas time, I love them stuffed.....

and in in all shapes and forms.

And so, many of my Christmas patterns feature a reindeer somewhere in them. 
And did you know that this year Rudolf is celebrating his 50 year anniversary? 
There are many darling reindeer and Rudolf quilt fabrics available now that would look perfectly sweet to use with my new pattern.
And with that being said, this week I am happy to introduce my latest design:

"Those Silly Reindeer!"

And silly, they are! They make everything fun while helping Santa get ready for the big day!
I hope you will enjoy this fun pattern now available on my web site.
It's only 137 days until Christmas!