Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sew Special!

You may recall before the holidays I was working on a special project. Kindred Stitches Magazine asked if I would design a project for their Easter issue, and of course, well yes, I was honored to do so! You will find my adorable Easter Bunny table runner in this issue. This digital magazine is beautifully photographed and chalk full of cute Spring projects for you to make and more. You can download the magazine app for your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store here: Http://
You can also purchase a pdf version to print on your computer here:

It is a grey chilly day here in Kansas but I surely can't complain, we have had an easy winter so far with mostly above normal temperatures. I have been longing for one good snowfall though... bite my tongue...Hubby does not enjoy shoveling. 
We are excited for the weekend and looking forward to our Son and cute Fiancés engagement party. 
Our Oklahoma daughter and son in law will be our weekend guests, such a happy time! 

I've found time to work on  my quilt, all I have left to do is add the borders and then send it off to be quilted! 

Have a happy week, I hope you find time to do what you love most!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A little bit of everything!

Christmas came and went so fast as always! This week we are packing up the trimmings for another year. Yes I am a bit behind, we however left them up extra long for......

our Oklahoma Grandsons visit! Our daughter and her family arrived after the holidays. We had a really fun weekend with the boys, and as you can see, some festive food was still to be had for the occasion! 


I completed the work on my special project which I can't tell you about yet. At this point you know as much as I know but in a few weeks we may know more lol! In the mean time I have gone back to working on my kitty quilt blocks. My goal for 2016 is to have a finish with this! Winter is here at last and it's a great time to say all snugly inside and sew, and read. I finished 2 books last week, The Girl On The Train and The Divers Clothes Lie Empty, I enjoyed both.

Today we are getting ready to watch Chiefs football, it's a big deal here in KC right now! I am making hubby his favorite treat, Buffalo chicken wings and I'll tell you after living in Buffalo 13 years I make some wicked good wings! Yum, can't wait!
Actually, it looks like Daisy is ready for dinner also, all she needs is a bib and a plate of food lol!

Have a happy weekend, stay warm and Go Chiefs!

Friday, December 18, 2015

6 More Days!

Christmas is quickly approaching but Hubby and I are totally prepared for whatever excitement comes our way. This week we are relaxing and enjoying the season. The temperatures have been so up and down, I am wishing for a little Christmas snow however it does not look like it is in our forecast. 
Miracles can happen though, right?
Hubby and I went to the movies and saw The Martian. I didn't think this would be my type of movie but actually it was fun and who could not enjoy looking at the cute and talented Matt Damon. 

We had dinner in the city, Kansas City, on the Country Club Plaza. We love to go there especially at Christmas time when all the Plaza Christmas lights on on. We enjoyed a nice little dinner then left to window shop on our way back to the car. Out side the restaurant, across the sidewalk sat a homeless man all bundled up from the cold, it was in the 20s. He was quiet and did not speak to any passerby, just held a box with a stuffed monkey inside and a sign that said please feed the monkey. Usually I have to admit I am somewhat skeptical and we glanced at him and strolled by as most people do. However we did not get far and I tugged at hubbys arm and said I have to go feed the monkey, turned around and made my donation to his box. 
This man reminded me that sugar plums do not dance through everyones head this time of year. Some people are lonely with out family, some face illness, financial burden, the loss of a loved one, or are homeless on a cold night. I hope the monkey gets fed and a warm meal this Christmas. 
Be Merry, and Be kind, I hope Christmas brings you great joy,
Barbie Jo and Daisy

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cookies for Santa!

This week was one spent almost entirely in the kitchen. I made peanut brittle and chocolate dipped pretzels.

Followed by thumbprint cookies.....

Candy cane cookies....

and cut out sugar cookies. Last night cute son and cute Fiancé came for dinner after which we decorated the cookies. Hmmmm... someone was naughty and put 3 eyeballs on some of my angels.

And so my baking is done, all our gifts were mailed to family and friends which is always a big sigh of relief as we have so many out of towners. My house is decorated and so for once I feel all that remains is time to enjoy the season and spend some time back in my sewing room. 
Fa la la la la.... Christmas is coming!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gobble Gobble!

It's almost T day, time for turkey and family! What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day food? I love it all but I would have to say I adore stuffing.. and gravy!!! I so can't wait! Pictured artwork is from my Grandson Aiden, several years ago, don't you just love it!
My how this past week has flown. Saturday was really special for me. My daughter-in-law to be invited me to her bridal salon appointment to view her search for the perfect dress. How sweet of a moment is this that only happens once, to witness her excitement and the look on her face as she modeled each dress. She looked beautiful in every dress she tried on, but that one, the one magical dress that makes everyone tear up, well you just know that's it and she said yes to her dress! I am thankful for being a part of that day. 

This Thanksgiving we will be spending the afternoon with our new family to be, how nice of them to welcome us to their gathering and feast. I am off the hook with all that cooking, although I know hubby is going to miss those leftovers! I am making an apple pumpkin bundt cake with caramel and pecan icing to take. 
I wish you all safe travels if you are on the road or in the air, and a wonderful Thanksgiving Day...gobble gobble!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Falling leaves

Good morning from Kansas! It is hard to believe here we are 1/2 way through November and enjoying such beautiful weather still. The leaves are mostly gone, as a matter of fact we had a large wind storm last week and it blew most of them away. Here and there a few beauties remain in my neighborhood and I have to sometimes stop and try to capture their magnificent coloring. 

Speaking of color change, my kitchen is finally nearly finished, just in time for the Holidays! We had new counter tops installed, and then Hubby refinished all of the cabinets. No excuses, I guess it is back to cooking for me.

Hubby is glad to be finished, Daisy however is disappointed, she enjoyed helping and found having the cabinet doors off quite fun!

Speaking of Daisy, I released a new cute stitchery pattern called "Naughty Or Nice". With Christmas decorating fast approaching I'm sure you will not need much further information on who inspired this design! Now available on my website and in my Etsy shop.

All my current sewing is on hold for now while I work on a special project with a 
deadline to meet. More down the road on that! Enjoy a wonderful new week!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Be Royal this Halloween!

We are enjoying all the sunny Fall days we can get here in Kansas! This week we are all about the ROYALS! No matter where you go everyone is decked out in their Royals t-shirts and gear, this town is Royals crazy and it's fun to be a part of! Games 1 and 2 won, now we're off to NYC! 
My Halloween candy is purchased for those little tricker treaters. We never know how many to expect, some years we have only a handful, and sometimes a few dozen. A little leftover is okay though right?
I prepared a little Fall slide show for you, from my house to yours, Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!

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                                          And Lets Go Royals!