Friday, March 21, 2008

Hoping into Easter!

These bunnies really make me SMILE! Mostly because my little texas twinadoes made these with a little help from Mommy. Who needs store bought decorations, it just doesn't get any better than this. (a little Texas sun glare on the window, but you get the picture!)

I know Mommy drew the eyes. She drew potato eyes on all her drawings when she was little and I see she still has the same technique!

Isn't this picture cute. A perfect example of how hard it is to take a family picture, and this is pre 2 more babies! I cant believe how young Mom is here. I am the middle child, that's me checking out my little gloves and purse. Big brother Harold is sporting a suit with shorts and must be making goofy noises because Cheryl thinks something is really funny. This was taken before church on Easter Sunday. How incredibly dressed up we would be in our new shoes, dresses, linen coats, gloves, purses and hats!
Wishing all of you a joyous Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just rolling along

Mailed Easter goodies to my little munchkins today. These chicks are pretty cute, you wind them up and they roll along. Chickens and Easter remind me of my Grandma. When we were little she would bring us REAL baby chicks, bunnies or ducks for Easter. 5 little kids meant 5 little critters running or hopping all over the house. I don't know how my Mom really felt about our little pets, but WE sure did think they were wonderful! We loved those little chicks, so much that I guess Mom didn't have to worry about having them around a long time. Poor things, too many hugs and kisses, I don't remember them lasting long enough to become roosters or hens. If they did outlive our affections my Dad gave them to a farmer.
I had a nice day today, after running errands I managed to fit in a stop at my favorite shop- Quilters Haven in Olathe. Picked up bunches of fat quarters for my next project and am eager to spend the next few days sewing. All the rain we are having makes for perfect sewing weather. Cleo and I are very content, listening to the rain is very soothing, she is hanging out under my feet and I am happily munching on some off Jerrys Easter chocolate. Have a happy week!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wearin' the green

Happy St Pats day! We celebrated a day early so that everyone could enjoy our corned beef dinner. I make this dinner every year for Jerry, I have it down pat and must say my corned beef is the best ever!

Cleo gets in the spirit!

The best corned beef ever.

I just knew those green peeps would come in handy for something.
Off and running.....have a happy day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Was it the cakes, the peeps or the flu?

Hi everyone, it has been a lost week beginning with Jerrys birthday last weekend. First of all, notice the size of these two cakes, which would you prefer? I ran around last Friday shopping for the birthday boy and on my way home picked up this small cake for him. Small because there are only the 3 of us here and we really don't eat much cake. Just the right size to stick a candle in it, sing happy birthday and snap a pic. When lo and behold, in comes Jerry from work with a nice BIG extra cake from the office, beaming away. Our poor birthday boy wasn't beaming for too long, he came down with the stomach flu that night. 24 hours later Jon and I both were sick puppies as well. At first I thought maybe it was that cake, or, maybe that box of purple peeps I couldn't resist. Nothing worse than 3 sick adults. We all moaned and groaned to each other about who felt worse and 0f course there was very little sympathy on any one persons part. Cleo was however in her glory hopping from lap to fleece covered lap for naps.
Was it the cake......... or the irresistible purple peeps.

Well yea, its now Thursday and I am so happy to say we are all feeling fine! The weather is slowly on a warming trend of sorts and taxes have been dropped off to our wonderful gal Kim. I am feeling free as a bird and ready to get back to sketching up some new pattern designs. I also have been wanting to design a cute header for the blog and I think that's how I will spend my night, doing a little coloring with my watercolor pens.

Friday, March 7, 2008

84 Chevy 4 Sale!

Woke up, got out of bed, 11 degrees and a little snow.... again. Sheesh.
I talked to daughter #1 in Dallas yesterday, they were in the middle of a "snowstorm" 3-5 inches, now, she was very excited! Snow in Dallas is a BIG deal.
Cleo chowing down on my pretty flowers. She always chews on the same spot, where the babys breath is, or was. She loves flowers.

Not all pattern designers drive BMWs. Ok , this 1984 Chevy truck is not my personal vehicle, but it does take up a lot of room in our garage. It belongs to my son Jon. He and his Dad have worked on restoring it since he was 15. I have driven it, but only as a last resort when Jon had to borrow my car. Like the time I had a hair appt. at a nice salon. I'll tell you I was embarrassed pulling up in it (I parked way around the back). Kind of like when your kids were teenagers and you could not drop them off where they could be seen with you. First of all it is LOUD, LOUD, LOUD, he did something to actually make that happen. And second it does not have any AC, it was about 101 degrees that day, and third there is no bed in the truck which makes it really rattle. Jon says I should be proud to drive such a cool truck. Well sheesh, people sure do notice, but believe me there is nothing cool about this Grandma driving an old Chevy truck! I don'tknow why I am picking on his old truck today. I guess its because I walk past it every day, taking up 1/2 the garage, all nice and dry while some OTHER vehicles have to be brushed and scraped off in the driveway. Ok, that little tantrum is done. I finished reading "Rhett Butlers People". All I can say is like some Rock stars, certain classics should be left alone.
Somebody has a birthday on Sunday, his name is Jerry. I wont tell you how old he is going to be because he is so vain, but it does have a 1 in it! Have a happy weekend all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a Lion!

March certainly roared in like a Lion, we can only hope it will leave like a Lamb! Winter is getting old now, Cleo and I are LONGING for Spring. She wants the kitchen sliding door open once again. This is her best spot to view the bunnies, birds and chipmunks who run around the porch taunting her. She lays there for hours with her nose pressed against the screen twitching her tail. I for one would just love to sit in my deck chair with my morning tea and savor the sun. This weekend I rearranged my kitchen hutch, out with the cupids, hearts and flowers, in with the bunnies and chicks. Easter is so early this year, I hope we wont be looking for eggs in the snow!
I used to collect Muffy Bears, I love the crocheted sweater on this little bear. As a matter of fact I wish I had one just like it!

Gotta love this old rooster with its chicken sugar and creamer.

And oh, my favorite, how cute are these 2 little kittens swinging away to a birdie serenade!
My next few days will be ugly, ugly, ugly, I am working on gathering all of Cleos paperwork for taxes. I admit Jerry, I procrastinate to the very end each year. Yes I do. My creative mind does not like this paperwork part of the business. I will need to lean on lots of Diet Coke and Dove bars to get me through this. Gotta admire our tax gal who will make sense and order out of all this stuff! So I guess I had better sign off here and bite the bullet. Have a happy week everyone!