Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yipee's Fall!

The trees are now showing their beautiful shades of Fall here in Kansas and leaves are falling like snow, pretty soon it will be time to get out the rakes and bags. We are enjoying Indian summer with temperatures in the low 80's, I could love this weather all year long!
It has been a while since my last post, I have been busy with my business and everyday life in general. My birthday came and went. Gee, not so exciting anymore LOL! But I had calls from all my dear friends and children and that is what makes my day really special. I did receive a surprise package in the mail this week, from my friend Kelly Ann. Kelly Ann owns Kelly Ann's Quilting in beautiful Warrenton Virginia. Just look at this cute stuff, she knows me too well!
Darling cat fabric, glow in the dark thread, cat peeps and Hello Kitty Pez, so sweet, so thoughtful, she made my day :)
And speaking of Kelly Ann, I shipped a trunk show off to her this week, my Christmas table runner models. She is a busy gal with a shop hop coming up as well as so many numerous events it makes your head spin. So if you are in range of Kelly Ann's Quilting, stop on by, you will be glad you did!

Besides folding patterns, Cleo threw us for a little loop last weekend. She had a insulin seizure while Hubby and I were out to grab a bite to eat, our Friday night routine. Our son Jon came home from work and found her and rushed her off to the 24 hour vet hospital where we met him a few minutes later. To make a long story short, they kept her in kitty ICU for the night on an IV of medicine and were able to stabilize her. Doctor told Jerry the next morning she was good to go and she was very very cranky LOL! Phew. Cleo... don't do that again!

Saturday our son Jon moved out. I had been dreading this empty nest moment and expected to have a little crying jag over it, but to tell you the truth with the Cleo crisis and all I hardly noticed. So he is all moved out, starting his young professional life and loving it! Jerry and I ran over to check out the new digs that afternoon and deliver some odds and ends.

This weekend I am doing a little Fall/Halloween decorating. I have Bunco here this week, and my daughter and her little family are driving up from OKC for the weekend. Erin is going to run the Wadell & Reed Kansas City Marathon on Saturday. She is doing the 1/2 marathon, wow, is all I can say!

Having Erin here means Grandsons too... yipeeeeeee! I have my latest Hallmark talking monster out, he is really funny, sings and does the Monster Mash. Cleo just loves it when we line up all our various talking monsters on the floor :)

My neglected sewing room is calling my name. I have a lovely stack of solids waiting for me. They will be background blocks for my next quilt, can't wait to get after it!

Happy Fall!