Monday, September 20, 2010

The Better To See You With My Dearies!

Are these not the sweetest!! New glasses and a new look for Barbie Jo. Getting all spiffed up and updated for my big birthday this weekend, and I do mean big, like it has a zero in it LOL!
Seriously, I have been long overdue for new glasses, this weekend Hubby led me by the hand to the Eye Dr's for my exam and then patiently waited while I made my decision for frames. That is the hard part isn't it! So many choices. As you can see I chose a deep purple, my favorite color, my eyes are now back to 20/20 and gone are the granny glasses YAY!

I have been a sewing fool these past 2 weeks. Completed my table topper and sent it of to my fabulous quilting friend Brenda for quilting. Now it's back, bound and ready for some pattern instructions. Table runner #2 is just about ready to mail off to Brenda and then I can begin the last runner. Phew. In the midst of my projects my "Quilters Dream" sewing machine decided to have a meltdown and became this quilters nightmare. Lucky for me I have a back up while it's off being fixed. I'm sewing on my Hello Kitty machine! It lacks many of the fancy bells and whistles but is purring right along with me :)

I finished one more Annie, this one in red work as a pillow, my collection is growing. And so is my quilt as I just finished stitching January Annie... Whoo hooo! I'll post a picture of her later this week and she will be available soon.

This fabric is sitting on my cutting mat, my choice for my next table runner. I love these candy cane stripes, pink, raspberry and green, yum!

Speaking of yum, it's time to make dinner, better run.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! It has been a beautiful Labor Day weekend here in Kansas. Not too hot, not too cold, bright sunny skies.... perfect weather for a fair or festival! Yesterday Hubby and I hopped over the State Line to Independence MO, they have a big festival every year called Santa-Cali-Gon Days which is always lots of fun. Huge crowds, thousands of people attending on this beautiful day, just look at that one little feather white cloud up there!

Can't go to a festival with out an artery clogging treat! This year I chose the fresh made curly potato chips and they were tasty :)

We walked through many of the arts and crafts tents, I love to see what everyone is making and found a few goodies for Christmas gifts. All the booths were crowded and people were buying which was great to see. Now this booth... I have to tell you, you couldn't help but stop. Life like new born baby dolls, everybody wanted to hold one! Not only do they look real, they felt and posed like a real baby. This vendor was nice enough to allow me to take hubbys picture with one. Awwww, I'd say he still has the touch!

We left baby behind and worked our way back to the car. On the way we passed the Truman home, also known as the Summer White House, this is the home of Harry and Bess Truman. Bess bequeathed the home to the National Park Service and you can purchase tickets to tour their home in small groups. We took the tour several years ago with friends and found it well worth the small admission price.

One last stop on the drive home. I scream, you scream, Hubby wanted Ice cream!

And now I am going to head upstairs for a little sewing time. UPS made a delivery here on Friday, the full line of Toy Box Two fat quarters. So excited, they will look darling on my Annie blocks don't you think?