Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Ears Are Ringing!

My ears are ringing and this picture should tell you why!

Jerry and I just returned from the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Sprint Center. This was an early Birthday gift from my DH. My family well knows that I have been a fan of "The Boss" since his 1st LP "Born To Run", yep that is LP and not CD. They've heard it enough, I played that album OVER and OVER and OVER. When Bruce came to Buffalo New York in 1978 Jerry bought tickets for my birthday. And now 30 years later I got to see him here in KC. 3 hours of non stop music, the man does not disappoint. He has a special rapport with his crowd and if you have ever seen one of his shows you know what I mean. I was so overwhelmed by the last set my eyes started to water up a little bit! Geeze Barbie Jo, get a grip! And heavens to betsey, its after 1 am and I better get some shut eye. Until tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Ah...When I think of Bruce in 1979, I think about how I split my chin open and got stitches...remember that Mom? he he he. How could you forget? Se you soon. Glad you passed on the red frock!

Numero dos

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I had a chance to see Bruce in concert in Toronto in the summer of 1985. Still ranks as the best concert I've ever been to. I know exactly how you feel. cheers, QGB