Thursday, January 23, 2014

Special Delivery

Brrrr… its a cold one today. Minus 2 degree start but the sun is shining and I know some of you have it much worse this week so I am not going to complain. Its a good thing I ate my Wheaties this morning as UPS delivered a nice big box of wool felt. And just pretend you don't see those fake poinsettias on my entry table…. they are not really there :)

I finished writing my new pattern this weekend and it is now available on my web site. My pretty model is all stitched up in yummy wools, just in time for Valentines Day or any special occasion. My heart is always very happy to see a finished pattern. Because usually there is another nipping right at its heels. 
This week I will be busy writing the pattern for a new Easter design. Cuteness abounds in this one and you are just going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Also working on a pdf file for a small design. PDF patterns are new to me and I am anxious to see how it turns out.

And now its time to lug all that wool felt upstairs. Enjoy the remainder of your week and stay warm!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back in action

Getting back on track… "back" is the key word here I guess. Last week I had out patient surgery on my back, I had been in agony the past 6 weeks. This was supposed to fix that and today I finally feel like I may be turning the corner, knock on wood! YAY!!!
Hubby has been the absolute best nurse. While I huddled on the sofa with my blanket and stuffed pink elephant and whined just little bit, he sat in his corner of the room and nodded and smiled sympathetically. Then I noticed he had his headphones on and was plugged into his iPad LOL! 
Seriously though, he has been just super. Taking orders to the post office, shopping for groceries and running errands, he has been a very busy boy!
I hope to have my next pattern finished this weekend for show and tell. 
Yesterday this yummy fabric arrived in the mail, "Surrounded By Love" by Deb Strain. Boy there are a lot of cute Valentines fabrics out there. Last night I had so many ideas flowing through my head I could hardly sleep just thinking about them. 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you get to sew all weekend long! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In the blink of an eye..

Another Christmas come and gone as quickly as I blinked it seemed. 
The question most asked of me on Facebook is did Santa bring you a kitty? Well no he did not, but under the tree instead was this beautiful 1935 Singer Featherweight. Beautifully restored, Santa said it would purr when fed lots of pretty fabric. 

We had a very busy Christmas week and spent this past weekend in Oklahoma. We drove down with Hubbys 92 year young Dad so he could visit with his Granddaughters and 4 great grandsons! We stayed on our daughter and son in laws family scenic property in the middle of Oklahoma. We lucked out with beautiful weather and a great time was enjoyed by all. Here are the 4 Grandsons out climbing  and running off some excess energy. 

I just finished boxing up all the tree ornaments a short while ago. I always feel a little sad to see them go, but it is time to get this new year rolling.

Yesterday I finished sewing the last bits and pieces on to my latest penny mat design. Two new patterns to write for the New Year. Are you cooking a special dinner to celebrate New Years? In my family we usually have a pork and sauerkraut dinner. I am off the hook tonight however. Grandpa leaves for Florida in the morning and is taking us out for barbecue tonight, any time I get out of cooking is a good time for me!
Best wishes to you for a Happy New Year!