Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hopping in to wish you an early Happy Easter!

Stopping by to wish you all Happy Easter early! Tomorrow all heck is going to break loose and I won't have a chance before Sunday. We have a house full of family arriving tomorrow and I am sooooo eggcited! Jerrys Dad is flying in from Florida and will be spending the next 10 days with us. Our daughter Erin and her little family are driving up from Oklahoma tomorrow. Two little Grandsons on the way YAY!!!!! Jon will be home from KU for the weekend as well!
My Texas pumpkins can't make it, too far for a weekend trip :( So their bunny box is on the way to them. These Hallmark Donald Duck bunnies are a riot, they walk and talk, the boys are sure to love them and they are sure to drive their Momma crazy by the end of the day.
My week has been full, cleaning, preparing dinner menus and making lists, lists and more lists! My mind is in such a dither. Monday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Hubby and I were heading out to do some errands and I could not find my phone ANYWHERE. So I made him come back in and call my phone, no answer. I ran upstairs, I ran down. I was really worried I mailed it in an order box to England or Canada and mentally was picturing my phone ringing in the post office bin. OMG, now what! Then I hear Hubby muttering, well this is a really good one. Barb he calls, um, your washing machine is ringing LOL!
On that note, I am off to do groceries! Happy Easter to all, I'll have lots of pics for show and tell next week :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

A yummy fabric kind of day!

I am so excited! Look what was in my mailbox today, some yummy, yummy fabric! I looked hard and wide for this fabric. I wanted Asian prints but I also wanted bright colors. After exhausting my local haunts I resorted to spending an evening drifting through many on line shops. But you know sometimes shopping in your jammies and eating chips and dip is fun too, can't complain cause I found it! The colors are everything I expected them to be and I can't wait to start my next quilt! I even went out side in the sun, yes I said sun, to take a nice bright picture for you.

And who was there but my daffodils, just starting to bloom. Poor little guys, I fear they are in for a rude awakening. As I type the clouds are starting to move in, bunches of snow is in the forecast for tomorrow!

Time for me to get a move on. Make a quick little snack as Hubby and I are out the door as soon as he gets home from work. We are on a curtain hunt. Trying to finish up that newly painted bedroom this weekend. Getting ready for company. I am going to have a house full for Easter weekend, so excited! Yay, this is just the best day!
X0 Barbie Jo and Cleo (who is doing super on her catkins diet, eating tons of prescription food, I mean tons lol) I guess she likes it! Oh, boy, we'll see what Doc says next checkup!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate :)

Did you know that besides sewing I have a passion for chocolate? I sure do! Each year I special order my Easter goodies from Sarris chocolate shop in my native state of Pennsylvania. So many darling novelties to choose from; yummy, yummy melt in your mouth chocolate, oh my. And today the bunny.... I mean UPS man left this box of goodness on my porch. Sorry to carry on so, but I thought I died and went to heaven! Now I have to find a good hiding spot, I didn't order any for me, what in the world was I thinking! Well, obviously I was not :(

Ok, I admit to being a bad blogger lately. I just don't know where the time has gone since we returned from our little trip. One day runs in to another and before you know it another week has passed by, you know how that goes. Jerry and I have been busy with a little bedroom redo- painting. And I started going through all my drawers and shelves etc during the process... holy cow, that was a big nightmare! We are making good progress though and I need to get all the work out of Hubby while I can before golf season gets into full swing :)
In my spare time I was working on writing up the instructions for my new pattern. "Bunny Tails" has three cute little pillows to stitch and and ornament for your Easter tree. They are quick to stitch and lots of fun, I love bunnies don't you?

And here's a sneakie peakie at my next design, all done and ready for me to write the pattern this week.
And speaking of kitties, well not that we were, but many of you have asked about my little fur baby Cleo. She is doing very well, adjusting to running to the vets every week for tests. For some reason kitties just don't like to go for a ride in the car. She cries and cries all the way there. Allowing me to give her 2 shots every day and being such a good girl about it. She is even on a prescription cat food, her Dr calls it the Catkins Diet, ha, ha, get it! Our vet thinks it's pretty funny, however Cleo does not feel quite the same about it LOL!
Oh gosh, hubby is pulling in the drive way and I guess that means I'll be hearing "whats for dinner" next! What is for dinner anyways LOL!
Have a lovely weekend all!