Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Dog Days Of Summer

Dog days of summer... hmmm... why do they call it that? Perhaps because the weather has been so hot we just become lackadaisical and flop down somewhere more often than not? We have had a taste of fall here, slept with the windows open last night, a first in many months. This morning I am walking around with a sweatshirt on even though it is in the high 70s, how crazy is that! 
This past month has been one of pleasant surprises. My girlfriends son and his family spent 3 weeks camping their way across the US, starting out in Ohio they visited many of the national parks and wonders with their 4 boys. They asked to add us as a pit stop near the end of their awesome journey and we were so delighted to have the chance to see them! I heard the boys liked cookies so Cleo and I made 6 dozen cookies which they scarfed down in less than 2 days. What an eye opener it was feeding 
4 boys, Hubby and I have been alone way to long LOL! 

Here they all are ready to hit the road once again. Such a nice family, and Linda, you are my hero, camping is not my forte! 

The following weekend Hubby and I met our daughter 1/2 way in between Oklahoma City and Kansas City to pick up our oldest Grandson for the week. Alex is 8 and what a busy week we had! We played miniature golf, went to see the movie "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid- Dog Days" and visited our local pool twice as the weather was still in the 100s during most of his visit. We went to Schlitterbahn Water Park with Uncle Jon... let me tell you that was quite an experience! I have not been to a water park in many many years. Uncle Jon took Alex down all of the big slides then we all drifted down the lazy river together, followed by the raging river and the river with rapids... yikes!
We played Monopoly and Racko every night and ate out lots.

We even designed and worked on an applique project for his pet training business... thats Cleos fur in the way. Alex said he felt Cleo was too old and set in her ways for training LOL! It was a lot of fun having him here. Last Saturday we drove him back to our half way meeting spot and it seems way too quiet here once more. 

Last week I introduced a new pattern and added it to my web site. "Yuletide Birdies" is a lovely mantle topper made from wool felt. A pretty addition to your holiday decor, shown here on my mantle, Cleo just loves birdies!

This week I am working on a new table runner pattern, and reading a really good book... I love to read! 
This one has been hard to put down, I think it is my favorite so far this summer- "The Chaperone" by Laura Moriarty. I am also getting ready for another road trip next week... more about that later! 
I hope you are enjoying the end of summer, the kids have already gone back to school here!