Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home again!

Hello hello, doing a little catch up here tonight, beginning with the 4th of July! Ours was pretty quiet, with the holiday falling in the middle of the week Jerry and I celebrated alone. However that does not stop Hubby from firing up his big old smoker and cooking way too much meat for the two of us! Beer can chickens, one of his specialties along with my Grandmas amazing potato salad recipe. We feasted well! 

I spent the next few days preparing trunk shows to go out to several quilt shops. July is a big month for many shops to jump start the holiday season with lots of great ideas and fabrics for you to start stitching up those Christmas projects! My adorable Merry Mrs Reindeer wall hanging and several table runner models will be on display at Byrne Sewing Connection during their "12 Days Of Christmas" event: July 21- August 3. If you live in the Doylestown PA area stop on by and view all the goodies they have lined up for you!

The models for my "Christmas Sampler" tea towels will be on display at Pacific Fabrics and Crafts during their fabulous "Christmas In July" celebration: July 13-27. If you live in the Seattle area you won't want to miss this event!

Saturday I took a little break and flew down to Dallas to visit our daughter and her little family. Grandma arrived with a suitcase full of puzzles, paints, paper and goodies to keep the boys entertained. My twin Grandsons Aiden and Brandon are 6 and very very busy LOL! We crammed a lot into our 4 day visit, we spent 2 afternoons swimming, went to see the very cute movie "Brave". We shopped and I let the boys pick out new sneakers for 1st grade next month which was fun. We went to Ikea as I had never been to one, we had Swedish meatballs there for lunch! We colored, we painted and put the puzzles together, the boys read books to me to show off their reading skills. I met the new 4 month old kitty with no name who is very VERY active. It came into my room to sleep with me the 1st night of my visit and proceeded to hop up on the bed and wildly begin jumping around on top of my legs! Well I'll tell you that lasted all of 5 seconds before I picked up kitty and placed him elsewhere and firmly shut my door LOL! Next Growly the dog wanted to sleep in my room, but on the floor beside my bed. That was okay until it wanted out at 2am.... and then back in a few minutes later (through my closed door to keep kitty out) sheesh! Thank goodness Titan (the sheltie) or the hampsters had no desire to share my room. We had a great visit and it really went way to fast. I flew home this afternoon on a plane packed in as tight as sardines, 1 pack of peanuts, a Diet Coke and in a flash here I am again!
And now this Grandma is tired and ready for bed! Night all, enjoy your week!