Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gobble Gobble, home again!

Home again, gobble gobble, to a refrigerator empty of Thanksgiving leftovers. I can't remember the last time we did not cook a Thanksgiving dinner here, but this year we decided to spend it with our daughter and grandsons in Texas. We drove, or I should say Hubby drove and I worked on knitting a stocking all the way down and back. 17 hours of knitting and still not done but I made good progress. 

And here are our little Texans! Thursday we had a great time cooking our feast, playing games and putting together advent calendars. The weather was beautiful and the boys were able to spend time outdoors running off excess energy. We did a little shopping on Friday. I am not a big fan of black Friday shopping and the crowds, but Old Navy had 50% off just about everything and we got lots of winter clothes for two growing boys. 

Our visit flew on by way to fast and today we headed home. For lunch we were able to stop in Oklahoma City at a favorite spot of mine, Ingrid's Kitchen. Lots of wonderful German and other foods with a European flair, as you can see I had the Reuben and warm German potato salad. YUM! They also have fresh baked breads, cases full of pastries, eclairs, cakes, pies and….

cookies!!!! I brought some home with us :)

One of the 1st things we noticed in our absence is the Christmas cactus grows closer and closer to blooming! 

And now we still have a car to finish unloading, and new lists to make, because as you can see… my countdown Santa says 26 days until Christmas! Better get busy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Who's got the button?

The days are swirling by just like the leaves from our trees. So many things to do this time of year I can hardly sleep while my to do lists grow longer and longer. This past week I received a nice big package of wool in the mail. Very excited, so many yummy colors to work with. And so my Spring design work has begun, having so much fun with new ideas! 

Looking for 2 matching lavender buttons in my old button stash here, what are the odds. Score! 
So happy!

I store my loose buttons in this old kitty cookie jar, it is full to the tippy top.
My new buttons are now in my Hello Kitty lunch box :) Do you have a button jar?

I thought I would share progress on my "Oz" stocking. It's looking good, but I have burned out on it for now and am sitting it aside until I get my stocking mojo back. 

Our Christmas cactus has teeny buds on it! We are so excited and hoping to see blooms for Christmas. 
We started this cactus from just 2 little segments from Grandpa in Florida's plant. It was so easy to grow and we feel like we have a little bit of Gramps here with us every day! 

Time for me to get back to my sewing. Enjoy your week, every day is a gift!