Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chocolate Bunnies!

Oh yum!! Look what arrived via UPS a few days ago, chocolate bunnies from my favorite candy store Sarris Chocolates, located just outside Pittsburgh Pa.
Each Easter I treat us to the wonderful chocolate novelties I grew up with from Pittsburgh or Buffalo. It may sound kind of silly to you but basically all we have here is Russel Stovers and there is just NO comparison! I grew especially spoiled when we lived in Buffalo. So many neighborhood family chocolate shops. 100s of molded novelties for Easter, it was always hard to choose for the children. And the taste, melt in your mouth chocolate, I am just dying to bite off a bunny ear LOL!

My poor Jerry is sick with that nasty nasty stuff that is making the rounds again. I am trying to be sympathetic but at a distance! I leave for Dallas right after Easter to visit with my daughter and my twin munchkins, I just can't get sick!
Back to working on the drawings for my next little quilt, what fun! Have a great week!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

No room at the Inn

Or maybe this post should have been titled "Men At Work" because that that pretty much sums up the past 2 weeks here! Jerrys Dad arrived from Florida 10 days ago. Jerry and his Dad had been planning a re-model on the guest bathroom over the phone for quite some time now. Hubby took vacation time to spend the week with his Dad and their pet project. Gramps is 86 years old, and when he comes to visit he does not like to let any grass grow under his feet, he likes to keep busy, helping with projects!
Here lie just a few tools of trade, scattered all along the upstairs balcony I believe just about every tool from the basement work room has made its way upstairs. Lots of banging, sawing and pounding going on. They replaced the tile around the tub and layed new floor tile. It was a much bigger job than they anticipated and is slowly starting to come together once again. In the midst of this upheaval my daughter Erin and her little family drove up from OKC on Wednesday. It was a fun and truly much needed break for all of us. The boys got to see their Great Grampa, we played games, cooked out and enjoyed their time with us. They left at the crack of dawn Friday morning as blizzard warnings were posted for much of Kansas and parts of Oklahoma as well.

The weather held off here until Saturday. Then it was rain all morning turning into sleet. My beautiful tree that just started to show its pretty blooms is now encased in ice.

The sleet turned into big fat heavy wet snowflakes and we ended up with about 8 inches of spring snow! I do have to admit it was very beautiful to watch yesterday. Gramps has not seen snow in over 20 years and we enjoyed the moment.

This morning we blasted out the driveway and headed down to KU to take Jon and girlfriend Carly out to brunch. Only 40 minutes away, the sun was out and not a trace of snow in sight! Here's Gramps with the kids, doesn't he look absolutely amazing at 86!

I always try to end a KU visit with a stop at the Stitch On Needleworks Shop. I could have spent lots more time in there for sure but the boys were getting restless. I bought background fabric and some bright prints for an up and coming project.
Grandpa heads back to Florida tomorrow morning. It will be strangely quiet here.
I will be catching up on after the company leaves stuff, picking up, washing bedding and such. And hopefully find time to start my next sewing project!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a little painting break

Boy oh boy, I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted! I have been really neglectful at blogging while Jerry and I have been busy with some spare room re-dos. First we decided to tackle the guest room, it was red when we moved in 5 years ago. 3 coats of paint later it is now a pretty cream shade. What a difference new paint can make! The room appears to be much larger and brighter now.
After the hard work comes the fun part, a little decorating. My sewing angel found a spot right away, close to the window for nice bright light and a chair nearby to sit in and stitch awhile if you please.
Jerry's Dad is our 1st guest this year, he arrives from Florida in 8 days. Eeeeeks! I doubt he'll feel like sitting and stitching in here LOL, I'll have to find a stack of crossword puzzles.

Of course I had to buy new bedding. I liked the colors and design in this set.

Next I dug out my penny rug model "Midnight Garden" from the "Quick & Easy Pennyrugs" book. I am going to frame it as I thought the colors would go perfect with the bedding and wool just adds such a nice cozy touch.

While in the groove I decided to tackle Jonathan's room. I had not even ventured in his room since he moved out in January. Woaaaaa! SCARY!!!! Just kidding, actually it wasn't that bad. A little cleaning up then back out with the paint cans for a fresh coat of paint. I chose a nice safe shade of beige. I have a heavy denim comforter I am going to use which looks nice on his antique iron bed frame. I hung this quilt I made quite a few years ago.

Here is a close up of the blocks, I just love the way it is starting to pull together in here with the tans, navy and reds. Now I am on a fabric hunt for curtains. pillow shams and dust ruffle.

Next up on the list is a little spring decorating. I am so done with winter aren't you?!
It won't be long before this little bunny comes hopping on by and isn't he the cutest! One of Hallmarks Easter promotions, he is musical, his ears spin around and move up and down, the kids just love him! I had to get one for each set of Grandsons.

In between sniffing too many paint fumes I continue to work on several sewing projects. My latest quilt is finished and on its way to Oklahoma to be quilted by my quilting friend Brenda Esslinger. Brenda has a new book out called "Fractured Flowers" in conjunction with Darcy Ashton. The quilts in it are fabulous so check it out if you come across it in your local quilt shop.