Friday, September 26, 2008


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me........yep you guessed it, today is my Birthday! And Yippee skippy am I ever excited! Cleo has her hat on and we are ready to party! I had a long chat with my little Grandson Alexander this week, he wanted to know if I was having a party LOL.
Well Alexander, I wish you were close enough to help me blow the candles out on my cake (cake ? I am hearing my boys say) she needs a cake? And no I'm not telling you how many candles are gonna be on that cake (or not). But I did receive a card that gave me the stats of my birthday year, such as... gas was 20 cents a gallon, bread was 14 cents a loaf and a postage stamp cost 3 cents! The movie Cinderella made its debut (that was me, my 2 sisters always made me scrub the dishes) and the first Peanuts comic strip appeared in newspapers. Now don't go guessing 60, or 70 LOL, that's just not funny! But if you want a better clue, "The Boss" that would be Bruce and I are the same age, only 3 days apart!

Cleo... ready to whoop it up!

Lots of little boxes arrived in the mail this week from family and friends. Did you notice all of my cards have a cat on them? LOL So next on my Birthday agenda is a nice cup of tea and I'll sit with Cleo and open gifts, she loves the ribbon part. And I'll be waiting for my Birthday phone calls, my phone is all super charged and ready! I've already had two, sweet little boy voices singing Happy Bird Day to you, it just doesn't get any better than that!
And of course I will be thinking of my sweet Mom, the day her Barbie Jo arrived must of been special for her too! Thanks for stopping by, may your day be special too!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Looks like I have been MIA for awhile. No good reason, no colds, no flu, just no blog worthy news. I was excited to find the new issue of Quilt Sampler last week. I just love this magazine, I probably should subscribe. I enjoy "visiting" the top 10 shops in each issue.

And this issue features a local shop "Harpers Fabric and Quilt Co" located in downtown Overland Park. It was part of my Saturday outing with hubby and boy oh boy he was not particularly overjoyed to be included. I did however sweetly remind him my birthday is this week, and this could be like a gift to me. I also sweetened the blow with Starbucks as a reward and promised he could pick out his own "stuff" at the next stop- grocery store!

Once inside I settled him in to a nice cozy chair where he could play games on his IPhone and he was pretty much happy as a clam while I shopped. I really need a bunch of neutrals for backgrounds, but also found a few prints I couldn't resist, especially this adorable Santa.

The weather here has been so gorgeous, high 70's, blue skies and cool nights, who could ask for more! Spring bouquets were put away and out with the Fall flowers.

Cute little Devil Muffy Bear and Kitty replaced Spring Muffy.

And last but not least here is picture shy Cleo at my feet while I type. Like Marys little lamb she pretty much follows me everywhere. So, I guess next we are heading upstairs to sew!

Now that I have more fabric I can't wait to put it to use. My currant project is a long one. I am working on 9 different applique blocks for this quilt and it is proving to be a lot of fun!
Glad you stopped by, enjoy your week!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The mail must go through

Two posts close together, now that is scary! I don't know where the day went, it kind of flew on by. And I can't even say I have any good excuses. All I know is I had filled orders this afternoon and wanted to get to the post office before it closed. I was running late and all ready to go.....and then the Tornado sirens went off. Although it drizzled and rained most of the day it just didn't look like a Wizard Of Oz type day to me. So what the heck, the mail must go through and you know I like this type of weather, cackle, cackle. Cleo always gets a little nervous though, so I threw her in the car along with our packages and walkie talkies. That way while I was inside the post office she could look for funnel sightings and let me know what was going on. The sirens went off and on for the next 2 hours, geeze! While waiting to get funneled up I called daughter #2 in OKC to say my good-bys- she didn't answer her phone. I didn't call daughter #1 in Dallas as we had talked earlier in the day and I knew she would be out for the evening. Baby boy was at work and hubby was somewhere in the friendly skies making his way home from Cleveland. So okay family, In case you're wondering, I'm still here! My dear girlfriend Jan down in Atoka OK did shoot me an email tonight to check in on us, or me that is, that felt nice, thanks Janie!

I had wanted to post a picture of this lovely quilt kit I received in the mail from Carol. Carol had a giveaway on her blog, Cornfield Quilter, and my name was actually drawn! I was floored, I really never win anything, ever, and this came as a great surprise. The pattern is called "Simple Pleasures" and the kit features beautiful feed sack prints. What a lovely, lovely giveaway, thanks again Carol!
My thoughts as I am sure everyones are with those who live along the Gulf coast this weekend.
I hope you stay safe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Bunco bites the dust

The past few days have been non stop busy. Fall is in the air and I have been bombarded with orders for wool felt, kits and patterns. Something about that nice crisp cooler weather turns our heads to sewing dosn't it. Most of my weekend was spent cutting, packaging and shipping. And then the race was on to get ready for Bunco, at my house, tonight! That meant CLEANING! The word alone stresses me out. It looked like the Grapes Of Wrath here on Monday, like after a major dust storm had rolled through, I had some work to do believe you me! The past 2 days Cleo and I, armed with our mops, buckets and sprays scrubbed and polished the house from one end to the other.

We dug out some of our fall decor and scattered that around.
And then we trotted off to the grocery store with our long list of supplies so we could spend today making our Bunco munchies.

Lets see, we made a pumpkin shaped cheese ball that was not only pretty but very tasty, hot artichoke dip and veggie crescent bars. Our Bunco snacks are usually not known for their vegan or weight watcher qualities. Over 5 packages of cream cheese went in to these, not to mention all the cheeses, sour creams and what nots. And they sure were good LOL!

For dessert we had chocolate-chocolate chip bundt cake with chocolate glaze!
Cleo and I are plum worn out, my head is mush and it's off to bed we go.
Now that our chores are all caught up we plan on having a little sewing fun over the next few days. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ahoy there mateys!

Just hanging out at the computer, doing a little blogging and waiting to hear Sarah Palin give her speech. We are getting soaked in Kansas as the hurricane remnants make their way through the central plains. Our temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees and it feels like Fall is on the way. Its time to get a start on those Halloweenie costumes I make for Alex and William every year, it will be here before we know it. I didn't even ask Alex what he wanted to be this year, (William being only two could care less). But, after last year I do know better than to ask. Last year Alex wanted to be a TURKEY! No pleas or persuasion could change his little set mind. He just wanted to be a TURKEY! Well let me tell you, there is no such thing as a turkey pattern, I researched that high and low. I ended up using a chicken pattern that had cute funky legs and feet. I used brown fleece, then made up a big fan shaped tail with multi colored fabric feathers on the front, stitched a waddle to the hood and it worked! And it was a lot of work. A true labor of love I'll tell you. This year I am going easy on myself. I gave Alex no choices, I told him he was going to be a Pirate, and William too. He seemed fine with that. I found this nice easy Pirate costume by McCall's Patterns and am on a fabric hunt for the pants this week.

This afternoon I was on a different fabric mission. I ran to Quilters Haven in Olathe. I just love visiting this shop. Owner Debby Richards is the best! They are moving in to a larger space in the same plaza soon, I can't wait to see the new shop. I bought these pretty pieces for my next quilt design.

Scattering around a few fall pieces. Here is a little wool hanging from the "Cats Rule" pattern.
Cleo really is the princess in this house you know! Her little beaded necklace spells "Cleo".
And the stick that holds it in place, which took me ages to find just the right one, is now broken in half- ALEXANDER...... LOL! I guess munchkins just cant figure out why in the world I would have a stick there right! Bless their hearts, gotta love them!

All rightey then, almost speech time, and then maybe a little sewing.
Have a great rest of your week, can you believe its almost Thursday!