Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reindeer Obcession

Cute little reindeer, yes I am obsessed with them! It started when I was a little girl. 
For Christmas I received the Burl Ives record "Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer" with a matching storybook. My Grandfather had made my sister and I a standup cabinet which housed a little record player. It was painted sugar pink and had circular cut outs in the wood with glittery little Christmas card scenes glued inside. A light inside shone through the cutouts casting a magical glow in the room while we played our record over and over. 
And so I fell in love with that cute little Reindeer, cried when he couldn't play in any reindeer games, and rejoiced in his feisty character and determination to beat the odds.
I never outgrew my love of reindeer at Christmas time, I love them stuffed.....

and in in all shapes and forms.

And so, many of my Christmas patterns feature a reindeer somewhere in them. 
And did you know that this year Rudolf is celebrating his 50 year anniversary? 
There are many darling reindeer and Rudolf quilt fabrics available now that would look perfectly sweet to use with my new pattern.
And with that being said, this week I am happy to introduce my latest design:

"Those Silly Reindeer!"

And silly, they are! They make everything fun while helping Santa get ready for the big day!
I hope you will enjoy this fun pattern now available on my web site.
It's only 137 days until Christmas!