Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cupid sighting!

February, a month with a little holiday to chase the winter blues away. I just love the colors of Valentines Day, bright reds and pinks, lots of glitter, hearts, flowers cupids and bows. Love is in the air and oh, lets not forget the chocolate! Now that the kiddies are gone I don't decorate much for Valentines Day. I do however scatter vintage valentines all over my kitchen hutch, you can't help smiling just looking at them!

Cleo and I have been busy playing cupid here, packing up boxes with Valentine/birthday love to mail out to the munchkins. Just look at this cute, cute book I found for Alexander- "Love Splat"! A purrrfect story for Valentines Day: Splat has a crush on a cute girl kitten at school and
a special Valentine card he agonizes over giving to her. So cute, the illustrations are to die for! Splat looks a lot like Cleo and Alex just loves Cleo even though the feelings are not quite reciprocated on her part.

My dear hubby has been in Vegas all week, I am feeling pretty jealous:( Sitting at a cafe in the warm sun having his little lunch break he calls me while I am bundled up here in 6 sweaters. I don't want to hear it! I have to tell you, the day he flew in he went straight from the airport to the golf course, imagine that LOL! So he's playing golf and a celebrity played through in front of his group, I guess that is golf course etiquette. Anyways, it was Justin Timberlake, my girls would have died! Jerry said he was very nice and thanked them for cutting in before teeing off.

I have my nice bundle of Moda "Its Snowing" fabric layed out on my cutting table upstairs just calling my name. Cleo and I plan on spending the afternoon stitching up a new quilt. And then I suppose we better do a little cleaning, make it look like we actually did something "constructive" before Daddy gets home LOL!
Have a fun week!


Anonymous said...

We love you nana! Buster will be so excited to see that book! How cute! Only over a month til your little cupids can kiss you in person!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well heck I would have joined Justin on that golf course. lolol You know he's bringing sexy back. lololol!!!!!!! Oh yes he is.