Friday, January 30, 2009

Out of hibernation

Oh my gosh time just slipped away from me. Seems like I have been hibernating, staying inside snug as a bug whenever possible. January is not a favorite month of mine, it has no sparkle or pizazz or little holidays to make it bright and fun. By now many of us cold weather people have full fledged cabin fever. It is also a really busy month for sewing and stitching on some handwork while we are cooped up inside. I have cut many, many kits this month, keeps me busy and I hope many of you happy and content.
Now, you may have noticed I changed the color of my blog background, just for this weekend.
And why is that? Well you must have guessed it, Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and in honor of MY HOMETOWN I have caught STEELER FEVER!

Cleo has her terrible towel out and is ready to cheer her team on.

And look what arrived on my porch from UPS. A big cold packed box from my BIL and SIL in Pittsburgh, cheese & potato stuffed pierogi and stuffed cabbage rolls for the game, OMG!!!! Thank you Steve and Julie, how fun is that!
Even though It has been many, many years since I lived in Pittsburgh, I still have people tell me I have an accent. So I will leave you with a little Pittsburghese talk before I go...... Before the game I will RED up my house and then go WORSH my hair, add some CREAM RINSE to make it nice and soft. I think I'll use GUMBANDS to put it up in ponytails or maybe I could URN it to make it nice and straight like the old days. Next I will make some SAMMICHES for the game and make sure there is plenty of POP and URN CITY in the frig. YUNZ all come back now!
Like what accent? Liar, liar, pants on FAR! LOL, LOL!!!!!!


Amy said...

love the accent, I have lived over in the tri-state area, and am steelers fan, tomorrow should be fun for us. sons birthday,and everyone but him and I are rotting for the cardinals.. IKES... I may have to open a can of whoop*&^ on them.. the food looks GREAT!!! thanks for sharing,Amy

Dawn said...

Welcome back...out of hibernation...Congrats...I see the the steelers just won! January is a hibernation month for me too!

Anonymous said...

You forgot robut. that is our favorite! :) Bout time you updated. When I come visit we'll make your blog real pretty. Love you!