Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lunch with my boy!

What a fun day I had today! Jerry and I drove down to visit Jon at KU. I did not dare show up empty handed so yesterday I made his favorite treats Haystacks and Peanut Butter cookies.
First stop was the apartment which I had not seen yet. Had a quick little tour, all nice and clean. He even showed me inside the frig, which was pretty darn empty, do you think that was a subtle hint LOL? I couldn't help but notice the kitchen counter decoration, unusual don't you think? Little plastic sharks from a favorite night spot "The Sand Bar" and I don't want to know what you do to earn them because he has quite a collection going on here!

Next stop was the downtown strip for lunch because we were all STARVING! Lots of fun shops on the strip, I thought the signs in this window were fun.

We had lunch, or breakfast I should say at Miltons and OMG it was so worth the wait! I had my favorite eggs Benedict and Jerry had I don't know what there!

Here's Jon and girlfriend Carly holding up their loaded plates. I don't know where little Carly is going to put those giant hunks of french toast but I'm sure she is used to Jon not letting any food grow cold around her. Aren't they sooooo cute.

After lunch Jon and Carly gave us the campus tour and what a pretty campus it is spread out along the top of a big hill. I would have taken more pictures but alas my camera battery light was blinking, thank goodness Jon was probably thinking. Just enough juice left for one last picture at the student union of Jon and his famous Jay Hawk!

Love you guys, thanks for the fun afternoon, SWAK!

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Becky said...

Did you get to take in Stitchin Traditions or Sarah's? Best 2 places in town.