Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back In The Groove!

Yea, I'm back and feeling fine!
Tops on my mind today is my little Grandson Alexander who turned 5 . My very 1st munchkin, I can not believe how big you are getting. Happy Birthday Alex, XXXXs and OOOOOs, I love you way much! And sorry I don't know why your picture is so tiny, probably because I lifted it off your Mommys site and Nana just is not a blogging wizard when it comes to making adjustments on some of these jpegs.

I had an unexpected surprise in the mail this weekend. Karen from the Yellow Farmhouse blog sent me a gift as her part of the Pay It Forward program I joined with her last year. She sent this lovely braided runner and a nice pair of needlecraft scissors. Never ever enough scissors and these are a perfect size for working on my penny rugs.

I have noticed a few completed State Series Quarter books popping up on blogs. So now I know that I was not the only crazy person who collected these! I started the book 10 years ago when Jon was 13 years old. WOW! As the years went by Jon more or less lost interest and collecting the quarters became my own little obsession. The things we do for our kids! So Jon here it is, all filled and complete, your inheritance along with the 3 tubs of beanie babies in the basement LOL! He says that's not funny Mom!

Okay, moving right along here. I have been working away on my quilt using the fabrics I showed you several posts ago. Love this fabric! I however found I did not have enough of the border fabric. Oh woe is me! What to do! Couldn't find it anywhere locally. This is where Google comes in as an amazing search tool! I discovered 2 wonderful shops that had some of this group remaining in their inventory. I ordered both from The Glass Thimble in Columbus Ohio and The Thrifty Needle in Maryland. My orders were sent out lickety split so by the time I was done appliqueing the shapes in place my fabric had arrived! I'll be sewing sashings and borders on the rest of this week. Now who do you think those little stick arms belong too?

I have also spent a lot of nights hand sewing in front of the TV lately. So many of my favorite shows have started back up; The Amazing Race, Survivor, Idol, and The Bachelor! Oh my goodness did you watch The Bachelor last night? That Jason sure spent an awful lot of time hopping in and out of hot tubs LOL! I mean it was almost a joke. I did feel bad that he sent Jill home though.
On that note, I have been watching too much TV. Have a happy week!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG can you even believe Jason?? WOW talk about a horn dog!! Oops did I say that?? I love that show!!!
Happy birthday to your cute grandson. And I have no idea who's legs those are. Cleo????

Anonymous said...
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