Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A blubbering mess

A blubbering mess, yep that describes me fairly well this week! That darn nasty cold that everyone has seems to have found me. Something about those watering eyes, aches and pains and sneezing noses reduces us to a whining, sniveling mess. I talked to my Daddy in Pa today and he had it too. 91 years old, he recommends a nice hot toddy, knock yourself out he says!
On the brighter side, look what arrived in my mail box today. Some Valentine love from my twin munchkins Aiden and Brandon!

Two cute little twin hand prints with a sweet message inside. Very folk arty! Did you lick those candy hearts boys?
Don't you just love novelty prints, I found these two on my last fabric outing.

I am always a sucker for kitten fabric, and these are darn cute!

And then we have the Pirates! I am going to make pillowcases for Alex and Williams visit next month.
And speaking of my little 3 year old William, I spoke to him on the phone a little while ago. They live in OKC and he went on and on about the big storms they had yesterday. They went KABOOM and it RAINED and SIRENS and the lights went OUT at dinner and it was DARK and on and on he went in his cute little voice.
Well, I have dinner made and bubbling away so now I can head upstairs and sew some quilt blocks together before hubby gets home.
Enjoy your day!


kim said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

The valentine from Brandon & Aiden are sooo cute!! I also like the fabric you picked for the pillowcases.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Feel better Barbie Jo/