Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a Lion!

March certainly roared in like a Lion, we can only hope it will leave like a Lamb! Winter is getting old now, Cleo and I are LONGING for Spring. She wants the kitchen sliding door open once again. This is her best spot to view the bunnies, birds and chipmunks who run around the porch taunting her. She lays there for hours with her nose pressed against the screen twitching her tail. I for one would just love to sit in my deck chair with my morning tea and savor the sun. This weekend I rearranged my kitchen hutch, out with the cupids, hearts and flowers, in with the bunnies and chicks. Easter is so early this year, I hope we wont be looking for eggs in the snow!
I used to collect Muffy Bears, I love the crocheted sweater on this little bear. As a matter of fact I wish I had one just like it!

Gotta love this old rooster with its chicken sugar and creamer.

And oh, my favorite, how cute are these 2 little kittens swinging away to a birdie serenade!
My next few days will be ugly, ugly, ugly, I am working on gathering all of Cleos paperwork for taxes. I admit Jerry, I procrastinate to the very end each year. Yes I do. My creative mind does not like this paperwork part of the business. I will need to lean on lots of Diet Coke and Dove bars to get me through this. Gotta admire our tax gal who will make sense and order out of all this stuff! So I guess I had better sign off here and bite the bullet. Have a happy week everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! OMG! It's SNOWING HERE!!!! :) Just started an hour ago! We have like 2 inches! So excited and hope it sticks till tomorrow! I took some pics though! :) Love your cute new pics!

My cold is so bad I can't breathe thru my nose! UGH! Tomorrow is our 2 year pedi appt and we'll see if the boys need antiobiotics. :) WIll try and call tomorrow afternoon if I can breathe! :)

Did you see my new foot licker pics? HAHA

love and miss you! xoxo