Monday, March 17, 2008

Just rolling along

Mailed Easter goodies to my little munchkins today. These chicks are pretty cute, you wind them up and they roll along. Chickens and Easter remind me of my Grandma. When we were little she would bring us REAL baby chicks, bunnies or ducks for Easter. 5 little kids meant 5 little critters running or hopping all over the house. I don't know how my Mom really felt about our little pets, but WE sure did think they were wonderful! We loved those little chicks, so much that I guess Mom didn't have to worry about having them around a long time. Poor things, too many hugs and kisses, I don't remember them lasting long enough to become roosters or hens. If they did outlive our affections my Dad gave them to a farmer.
I had a nice day today, after running errands I managed to fit in a stop at my favorite shop- Quilters Haven in Olathe. Picked up bunches of fat quarters for my next project and am eager to spend the next few days sewing. All the rain we are having makes for perfect sewing weather. Cleo and I are very content, listening to the rain is very soothing, she is hanging out under my feet and I am happily munching on some off Jerrys Easter chocolate. Have a happy week!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Mom! I'm so sorry keep missing you on the phone this week! We are busy outside bees! Will call Easter! The boys just LOVE LOVE LOVE their chicks and that darn (erm, I mean CUTE) dancing chicken hasn't stopped playing in 24 hours now! I hear it in my sleep!

I told them the presents were from Nana and they ran into the kitchen begging for Nana's (bananas) LOL! THey were then mad when I told them I didn't have any Bananas! Argh! We have to change your name! They think you are a banana! HAHA!

Love you!!!!

justmommy said...

We love our Easter treats! William won't put the truck down! Alex shows his watch to EVERYONE! Wish we were there. :( Miss you guys. Next year we'll do KC for Easter! XOXOXOXOXOX

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