Friday, March 7, 2008

84 Chevy 4 Sale!

Woke up, got out of bed, 11 degrees and a little snow.... again. Sheesh.
I talked to daughter #1 in Dallas yesterday, they were in the middle of a "snowstorm" 3-5 inches, now, she was very excited! Snow in Dallas is a BIG deal.
Cleo chowing down on my pretty flowers. She always chews on the same spot, where the babys breath is, or was. She loves flowers.

Not all pattern designers drive BMWs. Ok , this 1984 Chevy truck is not my personal vehicle, but it does take up a lot of room in our garage. It belongs to my son Jon. He and his Dad have worked on restoring it since he was 15. I have driven it, but only as a last resort when Jon had to borrow my car. Like the time I had a hair appt. at a nice salon. I'll tell you I was embarrassed pulling up in it (I parked way around the back). Kind of like when your kids were teenagers and you could not drop them off where they could be seen with you. First of all it is LOUD, LOUD, LOUD, he did something to actually make that happen. And second it does not have any AC, it was about 101 degrees that day, and third there is no bed in the truck which makes it really rattle. Jon says I should be proud to drive such a cool truck. Well sheesh, people sure do notice, but believe me there is nothing cool about this Grandma driving an old Chevy truck! I don'tknow why I am picking on his old truck today. I guess its because I walk past it every day, taking up 1/2 the garage, all nice and dry while some OTHER vehicles have to be brushed and scraped off in the driveway. Ok, that little tantrum is done. I finished reading "Rhett Butlers People". All I can say is like some Rock stars, certain classics should be left alone.
Somebody has a birthday on Sunday, his name is Jerry. I wont tell you how old he is going to be because he is so vain, but it does have a 1 in it! Have a happy weekend all!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! What a funny post! You are so funny mommy! I can just picture you in that big ole loud truck! Hope you are good! B is on the mend though still crusty LOL

Love you! xoxoxo