Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm back........

It's hard to believe I was sitting outside yesterday blowing bubbles with Aiden and Brandon and it was 80 degrees! I sure did have a fun little visit. Two is such a cute age and the boys are a riot. Little whirlwinds of constant motion, they entertained and made me laugh lots. My first night they took me out to dinner, Mexican, one of my favorites, and Texas has the best! The boys love to go out and both were on their best behavior. Aiden is always more than ready to practice his social skills, turning on the charm for anyone who looks at him, what a ham. Friday we ran around getting everything needed for their little birthday party. On Saturday my daughter Erin and her husband Ryan drove down from OKC with their 2 little guys. I think I mentioned this was a 1st for me, to be in one place with all of the boys. What a treat it was to watch all 4 cousins playing together. Erin and Ryan brought the boys the Home Depot Play Tool Bench as their gift. They all LOVE that thing, soon there was plenty of sawing, and drilling going on. Sheesh!
I have to tell you a little story. I was in the kitchen when Alexander arrived. He walked in and just looked at me with the strangest face and said- Nana- what are you doing here! He was literally shocked to see me even though I am sure Erin told him many times I would be there. I think he can only picture me at my or his home and could not associate my being Nana to the twins as well. It was cute.

Here I am squinting at the Sun, something I haven't seen in ages, with 65 pounds of toddlers on my lap. (Notice how interested they are with me).

My two lovely daughters, Erin-Mommy to William & Alexander and Melissa- Mommy to Aiden and Brandon.

All 4 munchkins sitting together,L to R, Brandon, Aiden, Alex and William. Alex was not in the picture mood, notice Aiden looking at him with his eyes rolled to the side. They are all sooooo funny!
So now I am home. No 80 degrees here, but I am now ready to return to my normal calm and somewhat boring or should I say predictable routine. I will however miss the munchkins running in my room every morning laughing and yelling yea! when I open my eyes. :)


Anonymous said...

aww! Mommy we had so much fun with you! We miss you already and it's not the same without you! :( Hope to see you again soon! Thanks so much for coming and for being such a great mom and nana! :)

I'm proud of you! You did the more than 1 picture thing! yippeee! :) I am downloading my pics today, hope to get up later! :) Love you! xoxoxoxox

justmommy said...

ha ha ha... great group shot. See you soon Nana. We love you!!!

and yes,buster was shocked to see you there,but more shocked that Cleo was not with you!