Thursday, March 13, 2008

Was it the cakes, the peeps or the flu?

Hi everyone, it has been a lost week beginning with Jerrys birthday last weekend. First of all, notice the size of these two cakes, which would you prefer? I ran around last Friday shopping for the birthday boy and on my way home picked up this small cake for him. Small because there are only the 3 of us here and we really don't eat much cake. Just the right size to stick a candle in it, sing happy birthday and snap a pic. When lo and behold, in comes Jerry from work with a nice BIG extra cake from the office, beaming away. Our poor birthday boy wasn't beaming for too long, he came down with the stomach flu that night. 24 hours later Jon and I both were sick puppies as well. At first I thought maybe it was that cake, or, maybe that box of purple peeps I couldn't resist. Nothing worse than 3 sick adults. We all moaned and groaned to each other about who felt worse and 0f course there was very little sympathy on any one persons part. Cleo was however in her glory hopping from lap to fleece covered lap for naps.
Was it the cake......... or the irresistible purple peeps.

Well yea, its now Thursday and I am so happy to say we are all feeling fine! The weather is slowly on a warming trend of sorts and taxes have been dropped off to our wonderful gal Kim. I am feeling free as a bird and ready to get back to sketching up some new pattern designs. I also have been wanting to design a cute header for the blog and I think that's how I will spend my night, doing a little coloring with my watercolor pens.

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I vote the Peeps! Those chicks are evil! Glad you are all feeling better! We had a fun weekend! Looking forward to St. Patties tomorrow! Cute matching shirts for the boys and green food! hehehe!

Love you! xoxoxoxoxox