Friday, March 21, 2008

Hoping into Easter!

These bunnies really make me SMILE! Mostly because my little texas twinadoes made these with a little help from Mommy. Who needs store bought decorations, it just doesn't get any better than this. (a little Texas sun glare on the window, but you get the picture!)

I know Mommy drew the eyes. She drew potato eyes on all her drawings when she was little and I see she still has the same technique!

Isn't this picture cute. A perfect example of how hard it is to take a family picture, and this is pre 2 more babies! I cant believe how young Mom is here. I am the middle child, that's me checking out my little gloves and purse. Big brother Harold is sporting a suit with shorts and must be making goofy noises because Cheryl thinks something is really funny. This was taken before church on Easter Sunday. How incredibly dressed up we would be in our new shoes, dresses, linen coats, gloves, purses and hats!
Wishing all of you a joyous Easter!


justmommy said...

That pic of you all is one of my favorites. There is another one though that I am thinking of...taken for the newspaper or something? You have your little glasses on?

Anyway, we will miss you tomorrow. Love, love, love!

Numero dos

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy! I stink so bad for just seeing this now! So Sorry! Thanks so much for putting the boys awesome art pic up! We reallt did have fun! You know I learned all my art skills and potato eyes from the best there is! LOL! I just wish I inherited your patience and art gene! HAHAHA

I love that pic of you all! I would love to see all your old pipcs again, socool! :) xoxoxo