Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time flies!

Well good grief, you might think I fell off of the face of the earth, or took a little trip, I have not blogged in so long. The sad truth is I have been no place more exotic than my sewing room. My big outing for this week was to go pick up our completed taxes. Way over in the cute little town of Shawnee Kansas. If you have ever driven through downtown Shawnee during tax season, you have probably noticed this little gal out on the sidewalk advertising for this tax service. Shes out there every day rain or shine. Just honk your horn and wave like everybody else does. Our son Jon was along for the ride and boy was he embarrassed. He was only along to sign his return with hopes of dinner out on the way home, not take pictures of Lady Liberty. I did however control myself, normally I would have hopped in the picture also. It was such a nice sunny day!
Lady Liberty was kind enough to let me snap her pic, isn't she fun!

I have spent lots of time this week cutting wool felt for orders. Shown is just a small portion of
the wool felt I have under my cutting table!

Eventually it will get all cut to either yardage as ordered or penny rug kits.

In between cutting I have been working on a wall hanging using these bright and fun colors from Mary Englebreits new fabric line. I planned to finish my quilt this week however that deadline just doesn't look like its going to be met. I may need to clone myself to get it done.
Have a happy week!


justmommy said...

oooooh, those fabrics just make me want to picnic! Love you Mommy Jo!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I wish lady liberty knew she was on a crafting blog! haha! Your so cool mommy!

I miss you and even your pretty fabrics! :)